Oct 16

Look...Ian...I mean this in the nicest way possible, and I say this as a fellow progressive who has tried to get people to vote for Bernie twice in a row, and this isn’t directed at you specifically but at the group you are currently representing with this article...but please, shut the fuck up. Read more

Oct 16

You know, I would be a lot more on board with Biden skepticism if it was powered by actual concerns and not baldfaced lies like this: Read more

Oct 16

The end of S2 included a subplot with stabilised V being nearly authorised for use in the military/law enforcement, then quickly being backtracked. However we know there was a shipment on the way to the CIA, and we know The Boys have been officially hired by the CIA as an anti-supe task force. It seems pretty cut and Read more

Oct 12

I was with you until you suggested suicide.  No need for that.

Oct 2

I’m sure all our thoughts and prayers are with the coronavirus at this diffcult time.

Sep 14

Considering the Navy navigates vast oceans and rough seas, you’d think they’d be better at handling streams.

Sep 14

Which is what makes it so weird when you ooze Cool Guy On The Internet vibes normally associated with middle school edgelords. Read more

Sep 12

It’s the middle of September and we’re only just now getting our fluff-bomb info dumps. Usually we have all summer to fight the Hail Corporate wars, but the novel coronavirus entered as Player 3 and threw a wrench into the works. Read more

Sep 3

or was it his nemesis The Pangolin?>>>tune in next week, same bat cough, same cough coughcoougghcoughthump

Sep 2

Question is, did he lose his sense of smell? Would be a shame if he could no longer smell what he was cooking.

Sep 2

Wasn’t Soren (from the TNG episode “The Outcast”) nonbinary?

Aug 22

Ummm you do realize there’s a major media event by a massive comic book company happening right now. There’s a reason there are so many stories. You also can continue scrolling or come back tomorrow.