Aug 3

Kind of funny that you’d give spoilers about the next episode when you threw a hissy fit about a title of a review of an episode vaguely alluding to a minor plot point as a “spoiler”

Aug 3

I can’t believe I read all four paragraphs of your rambling to get to your transcendent point of “both sides but actually Democrats are the real bad ones”.

Jul 28

not in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and i did it to punish 2nd place + his Red Shell

Jul 15

I trust her guidance in this because she definitely seems like someone who shops for her own groceries and has worked hard to determine which brand of beans makes the dishes she prepares as good as can be.

Jul 12

“Though the event was ostensibly about games, it was impossible to ignore the recent upheaval surrounding the French publisher.” Read more

Jul 3

Hey Nathan, just wanted to bring up something for your consideration that I remember used to come up on Compete. Use it don’t use it, it’s your call.

In a detailed article like this, if you are not intensley familiar with all the people involved it can get confusing keeping track of everyone. But that is exaccerbated Read more

Jul 2

It’s not harassment, it’s an email. They’re doing their jobs, dude. 

Jun 23

The notion that entire, sentient races are naturally predisposed to certain levels of intelligence, or moral alignments, is baked into the game. That’s not the same as talking about “good and bad sides”. Read more

Jun 21

Reading her post it seems like her story hinges on the ‘I was 17' part but Google tells me that’s the age of consent in NY so....?

Jun 16

I certainly wasn’t expecting it to switch genres after the first act and change to the rhythm game, Just the Dance of Us.

Jun 10

I still feel like this is the year that Disney and Pixar each wrote a movie idea down on a post-it note and then exchanged them, as Wreck-It Ralph came out that same year, which totally has the Pixar premise.

Jun 8

If only they’d remove overwatch from overwatch so I could have my quiddity baby back.

May 20

This is basically announcing “I’m willfully ignorant.”

May 19

Sorry one correction, it’s Steambois, with an i not a y. But carry on.

Apr 24

I can't wait to read about the behind-the-scenes shitshow this obviously is in about 4 bingo playcard has "embezzlement", "money laundering", and "shady investors"...yours?