Apr 24 2017

I love that you wrote this. I’m in my early 30's now and used Casual Encounters off and on in my 20's, always positive experiences or at least neutral. And indeed it can be very liberating and you learn SO much about your own body and sexuality when you’re able to approach sex without worrying about wanting the other Read more

Apr 1 2017

To kick this off, you must know I have a paralyzing fear of ET. My junior year of high school, my “friend” aka person who I hated but tolerated because it was a small school and she was friends with my friends, stole my car keys from my backpack during lunch and slipped them back without me noticing. Read more

Feb 25 2017

I’m a terrible human being. Please mock my death when I’m gone.

Feb 25 2017

But where did the bag come from?

Feb 20 2017

Be prepared to grimace. A major part of the reason that my kids have absolutely nothing to do with their dad’s side of the family is their saying
“old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.”

Feb 20 2017

Chaffetz, too. Must be included. He looks like a punching bag and a hamster fucked and shat out a lovechild

Feb 19 2017

Oh, fuck you. This is not some diva pissed off because they got brown M&M’s. This is a person who was put in a potentially dangerous position by someone who was simply uncomfortable with their existence. You know what Delta could do? Talk to the fucking police and say that nothing happened. Had the flight attendant Read more

Feb 19 2017

I don’t think there was one incident. More like a frustration at her enormous ego and the delicate treatment she got from the justice system. She never took public responsibility for her actions that led her to career failures or others being injured as a result of her drug fueled behavior. However, addiction, Read more

Feb 19 2017

I hate her because she tried to blame a black man for her drugged erratic driving, so her career can forever die in a dumpster fire as far as I’m concerned. May she never prosper, because that makes her trash. Plus, she’s given all sorts of chances, and I’m always like, “Why?” She’s no major talent whose artistry the Read more

Jan 28 2017

Couple of them are at JFK right now fighting for people - they deserve support not to be called spineless. Read more

Jan 28 2017

He actually issued this order on Holocaust Remembrance Day. And I honestly don’t know whether they didn’t know that, knew that and didn’t care, or knew that and were happy to send that signal to their white nationalist supporters.

Jan 28 2017

This is what America did to the Jews in WWII. We are literally repeating history and no one is stopping this. Read more

Jan 20 2017

This made me snort. The idea of “oh shit, I’m meeting the Obamas and I haven’t bought a gift. Better stop at the bodega on my way. hmmm...they would like Hot Takis, right? Everyone likes those. Ok, done.”