Wednesday 1:15PM

I first thought, “Oh! They updated the Jetta!” It is the ‘safe’ way to go. We’ll see how it looks in person. Then again, I like the outgoing Civic design a lot in person. 

Tuesday 11:39AM

It’s one of those things that always gets overlooked, but holy shit does it look hard to build a car. From design to manufacturing, everything is complicated. Like, some dude (more likely a team) had to design, test, and build a machine to deliver a seat at exactly there right time to exactly the right place, and it Read more

Tuesday 10:11AM

Approximately half of your readers are furiously Googling “110 camera.” Here, let me help.

6/08/21 2:42PM

Knowing former Maverick owners, I know it’s a bad car, but dammit if it’s not a pretty car. One of those prime “do a resto-mod of this, nobody will care if you toss everything but the looks away” cars.

6/08/21 2:24PM

I’m waiting for a single cab, flareside Splash edition with 90s graphics.

6/08/21 2:13PM

I have to say, Torch might be onto something with those headlights. They’re much cleaner and sophisticated than the overly-detailed originals. Read more

6/08/21 10:18AM

Archer had cell phones and an El Camino - not to mention a ‘62 Ferrari GTO and a Lotus F1 car from the 60s. Read more

6/08/21 8:56AM

This is the absolute perfect truck for most people who buy trucks. Therefore Ford will sell about a dozen of them and they’ll be discontinued in three years. 

6/07/21 10:11PM

You are absolutely correct, however, the point of TV is to get away from our sad, SUV/crossover lovin’ sheeple reality. So, gotta side with HBO on this one. Read more

12/15/20 10:27AM

The answer is the only 4 door convertible in the world with suicide rear doors.