Tuesday 2:50PM

Useful? Simple? Effective?

Holy shit, this thing is so much more masculine than the newest Ram maXXXX 666 devil daddy, and all of it’s ilk.

5/20/21 11:00AM

My only beef with this stance and with this issue is that Swinton is an unusual on screen presence who sort of carries around a lot of mystical ‘ancient one’ energy. Besides race, she was well cast.

Is there a tibetan actor who could’ve done that? Probably- and if you were just trying for the general region’s Read more

5/12/21 10:24AM

This looks like one of the best things ever made. 

5/01/21 3:08PM

wow!! thats amazing- thanks for the great tips!

5/01/21 12:28PM

Nice article- and it sounds like a blast, though, for me, a prohibitively expensive one.

I’ve recently bought the fastest car i’ve ever had (accord v6 touring) and i know it’s not exactly a car made for tracks, but i want to be able to see what it’s capable of without going to jail for a long time.

A general question Read more

4/29/21 12:09PM

The most gorgeous car to never see an assembly line?

4/27/21 1:42PM

Id 10000% be down for Lakeith Stanfield taking the role.

4/21/21 11:22AM

Its wonderful how this, like the most satisfying sexual encounters, manages to be both beautiful and horrible at the same time.

4/08/21 3:03PM

Im a little bummed no one asked him about the Castillo Samurai Episode of Miami Vice...

4/05/21 9:06AM

really like boy and the beast- i think it works better than Wolf Children..

3/30/21 11:45AM

this is great and all, but can we stop with the swastika wheels?

Obviously, KIA aren’t nazis, and the resemblance is only passing, but this lovely car needs some better looking shoes.