The more that I read about these people completely unraveling and looping in basically everything into their conspiracy, the more I believe that Under The Silver Lake is one of the most important movies of our time (and the writer/director started working on it well before QAnon). It really does a good job of Read more

Nah, I’m a corgi with a bark-to-text translator and a decent understanding of American politics and Onion-style satire. Read more

Yeah, maybe my Spidey Sense is just on alert with everything going on and everyone trying to “prove” something, regardless of sides, and making things up. You’re right that most people don’t have Twitter accounts and that it would make sense to create one for promotion of a petition. However, I do find it odd that she Read more

Yeah, I know that RS was behind that terrible example of journalism, but I could see how this could slip through the cracks. Like did they verify that this person really exists and that the person they talked to was the real person? And even if that's the case, what evidence do we have that this is a genuinely held Read more

For the record, I am all for making society more inclusive and do realize that things like this can cause anguish to some people. However, this does seem like a very small thing in the grand scheme of things and it just seems to hit all the white savior beats a bit too hard to not be some sort of hoax or satire. Plus, Read more

One does hope, but then again “A Rape on Campus” happened and that had much higher stakes than this! Read more

After seeing this pop up in multiple places and reading that Trader Joe’s was already changing the packaging (and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered any of the variants), I started to wonder if this was a hoax meant to make white people on the left look silly. After clicking around a bit, I see that the Twitter Read more

The image immediately reminded me of Rejected...

Look Sharp! Looks sharp!

Dammit. Don't ruin Hawaiian shirts. I want to wear them when drinking my tiki cocktails without looking like a nut job. Read more

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I don’t expect to get out of the greys, but any mention of Rick Owen reminds me of Danny Brown’s “Pneumonia” and for that I am grateful.

The “blame the consumer” mindset is so stupid and insulting. If the company packaged 90% of their sodas in plastic, they’d point to the fact that 80% of their sales were plastic bottles as evidence that customers DEMAND plastic bottles. That’s despite the fact that the sales of other packaging options outperformed vs Read more

You could do that or just keep moving and out maneuver your opponent. Read more

And I mean this in all sincerity.

Please let it be a Philly accent. I would die. Read more

Well in this case, I knew they hadn’t gotten a fresh one. It was from the prior year. Read more

After thinking about it a bit more, I think the reasons he wants war are two-fold: Read more