11/11/16 2:38PM

Also, in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, can you cool it in advance with your coverage of that? And during the San Diego Comic Book Convention, can you cool it with all the coverage about comic books, movies and cosplay? And really just anytime something is happening where a large amount of people would Read more

4/15/16 1:56PM


12/05/15 12:24PM

START with Enigma?! How about NO. How about start with The Thing That Drifted Ashore, or one of Mimi’s Ghost Stories? You know? Something to give a taste of Junji Ito without heading full-bore into the horrific on the first outing?! Read more

10/23/15 11:07AM

They need someone to calculate exactly how much money this cost each American taxpayer and have negative black-and-white ads run with an ominous voice saying “The GOP would rather take 120 dollars of yours to beat a dead, rotting horse carcass then to put it towards schools, roads, public goods, or back in your Read more

10/04/15 7:12PM

I came to a realization lately - that yes, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need planned parenthood or abortion because in a perfect world there would never be any reason for help like that to be sought. Like no one would ever be raped, no one would ever be in the wrong situation to raise a baby, everyone would be old Read more

10/02/15 12:33PM

I did not even let my father know I was getting married. Only one uncle (mom’s sister’s husband) objected. When he started talking about my father to me on my wedding day I simply walked away. I regret nothing. My wedding was great!

10/02/15 12:06PM

I never get tired of this subject. (Not even just weddings, but cutting bad relatives out of our lives.) Out and about in in the world estranged adults of awful parents don’t have a lot of positive opportunities to talk about the estrangement, and it is so freeing to be able to be honest with our friends, coworkers, Read more

10/01/15 8:09AM

Um, a blu ray copy of the film with accurate subtitles has been available for almost two months now

9/30/15 1:28PM

Also, if it’s an open bar, you generally pay per guest regardless of how much they consume. At my wedding, everyone will have to take a breathalyzer before they leave, and if they haven’t had their allotted booze, they’ll need to stick around until they do. I paid for that wine; you’re gonna DRINK IT AND LIKE IT!

9/30/15 1:10PM

I disagree. After MUCH consideration, I went with a buffet because, if we’re being honest, plated dinners suuuuuuuuuuck. They just do. Unless your event is somewhere with a commercial kitchen, it’s literally airline food. Read more

9/21/15 9:39AM

all these people saying ‘you’ll still have to wear glasses’... yeah - *reading* glasses. so will you, too. the difference is that i now won’t need to buy bifocals or carry around multiple pairs of glasses just to get around on a daily basis.

9/14/15 11:35AM

Yes. Sticking to something you just can’t do right no matter how many times you redesign it is a sound strategy that all businesses should follow.

9/10/15 10:25AM

No, I think you’re just, you know, in touch with reality. There is no other time period that would be better to live in, for women at least. It’s like that Louis CK joke - white men can go to ANY time period and be like “Woo fun!” but it will suck tremendously for literally everyone else.

9/10/15 10:22AM

Maybe I’m just not a romantic, but there’s no time period I’d rather live in than this one. Or maybe the future. But right now we have disposable tampons, birth control, antibiotics, air conditioning, divorce laws, safe abortions (where available) and surviveable c-sections. I’m a cynic and I bitch a lot about what Read more

9/01/15 8:53PM

Do they mean “Kenyan” as in “Swahili”? Because according to good old (FUCKING FREE, EASY TO FIND) Google Translate, black power = nguvu nyeusi. Read more