RedlineZ bought an SV (And is getting rid of the z)
Nov 25 2017
Feels bad man

Yesterday I finally sold the Z. I wasn’t home because of work so my dad took care of all the paperwork after me and

Sep 4 2017
The Z is getting retired

Well after a few weeks of debating about it I’ve come to the conclusion to unload the Z. I really need something 4x4

May 16 2017
Stay safe guys

Yesterday was one of the worst I’ve seen and a solemn reminder of the inherent dangers of aviation. Just another

Apr 14 2017
Welp it's confirmed

The wreck was Yammienoob. Dude needs to buy a lottery ticket with the luck he has. And for the love of god stop

Jan 11 2017
Hey oppo it's been a while

I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve been on here. Just finished installing an exhaust on the z since my

Aug 25 2016
What gives?

While everyone is getting followed by truckyeah and jalopnik I get a random follow from fbi. Only reasonable thing

Aug 13 2016
Woohoo out of the greys

Finally after 6 years I’ve been promoted out of the greys. All I had to do was tell David Tracy about my old jeep