Oct 29

I had a conversation with my father-in-law (a medical device salesmen) in July, where he told me that I needed to get with his other son-in-law on some air-quality devices, since demand is up due to the pandemic (we both happen to have experience in engineering air-handling equipment in non-medical industries). I Read more

Oct 28

I know, but chiming in on an unrelated article just to take a dig at Tesla is just as bad as what the fanboys do.

Oct 27

Checked the Carfax. This accrued 10k miles in the first year. During that first year it went into service 5 times, 3 of which were to check the Airbag systems. Read more

Oct 27

Recreating the Subaru dog family commercials in a VW is a good call on the interior wear

Oct 27

I’m extremely suspicious of a 20 year old car with mileage this low and a beat up interior. Something doesn’t add up here.

Oct 25

I think that 25% of the people answering this saying that they did their own install are liars. I’m very capable of most electrical work, on regular 120v house current. I’ve wired 240 and 480v electrical motors and such at work, but these were items that simple plugged into test pigtails. I won’t mess with anything Read more

Oct 22

ND because it’s in Connecticut.  It’s going to be a war of attrition with the rust demons. 

Oct 21

My initial question was did you consider the Pacifica Hybrid for your van conversion needs.  After watching that video (coincidentally using a Pacifica)...yea, I don’t see how they would re-do the entire floor and battery of the PHEV van.  

Oct 20

This is great. As long as we aren’t legally allowed to eat them, it’s better if they pollute less.

Oct 20

I say this as a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist: at some point, we need to get people who don’t give a shit about the environment to also buy EVs. We need to get everyone (or at least most people) driving vehicles that aren’t powered by fossil fuels if we are to have a hope of preserving at least some of the Earth’s Read more

Oct 19

I had a Pacifica as a rental, and if I found myself in the market for needing something with three rows, it’s unquestionably what I’d get. Drives like a car, nice interior quality, good mileage, and a ridiculous amount of space in back.  

Oct 19

Two Subaru guy also needs to realize that he can figure out his dilemma with a loan calculator in the time it took him to write Tom.

Oct 16

I drove a Tesla Model Y Performance for the first time this week. It was such a different and fun driving experience. I now get why all those fanboys don’t care too much about shoddy workmanship.