4/14/21 8:41AM

Depends on the local law. If Japan has community property laws, then those are her cards too and she is free to sell them. 

3/31/21 10:36AM

If you can rationally argue how selling for six months with induced FOMO spikes can unquestionably outsell a product’s lifetime sales, including those induced by price-cuts, then sure, I could see your point. But their thinking something this extraordinarily unlikely seems reasonably perceived as reasonless.

3/25/21 6:41PM

Oh my god this math makes me freaking angry. None of this is how that works. All of the money paid to charity, all of the money paid to moderators, all of that gets deducted from taxes (NOT from net profits). If he is paying 75k to mods, and donating 80k to charity, then that means that his taxable income isn’t 300k, Read more

3/24/21 5:54PM

I hate that we as a society fall for these type of games. Not only because it’s a whole system that depends on taking advantage of people already predisposed to it, but also because it teaches other companies to ditch single player, story driven games. “It’s better to turn everything into a goddamn casino”

3/22/21 11:35AM

Thanks for writing about it, this is a very good thing you did, I’m sure it won’t completely destroy the project. But I guess it’s a two for one, you get to write this one and then the one complaining about Nintendo after they wreck it. 1000IQ journalismsss.

2/05/21 11:04AM

The Mako was never broken. Everyone who didn’t like it is a dang philistine

2/05/21 10:57AM

And now it’s just... “A sunny day. Oh that’s a weird space ship” Read more

1/04/21 5:46PM

I know nothing about this guy but am 100% confident he deserved the vaccine more than Lindsey Graham or Marco Rubio.

12/23/20 9:20AM

Exactly. Where does anyone really think this is going to go? Walmart and the Waltons will pay a tiny bit of money (compared to their total worth) and not admit to any guilt, that’s as bad as it’s going to get. The rich and powerful never really feel any discomfort from wrongdoing, meanwhile millions of Americans Read more

12/23/20 8:47AM

Well you cant really PUNISH them... they are too big to fail... or something. 

11/18/20 7:39PM

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but can you please provide an external link? The video was great, but it looked terrible on this website.