2:00 PM

I had these in San Diego back in November. They are just the McChicken patty. Back when they had the Southern Chicken Sandwich and Biscuit, I’d used to order the biscuit and sub for McGriddles. It was infinitely superior and I miss it.

1:01 PM

I really liked The Last Jedi, and there are more of us than you think. This was fine. There was 10x the fan service is this compared to the other end of an era movie that came out in May. Abrams was really trying hard not to offend anyone by actually making the think too hard and created something that was just there. Read more

1:17 PM

Diacetyl produces a buttery flavor. The flavors listed are Dew Mountain, Green Apple, and Cotton Candy. Something doesn’t add up. Test the flavors. Of course reputable places will have already done this and post their results willingly. Read more

12:44 PM

Yelp, like FaceBook, needs to be launched into the sun. Their entire purpose is to extort businesses into paying them to get more recognition. At my current job they called constantly asking for money. Fuck ‘em!