Yesterday 10:53PM

Omg, the automatic wipers on the Model 3 are fucking abysmal. I speak from experience. I spend more time pressing the damn wipe button, and there is no ‘manual’ intermittent setting. 

Yesterday 8:08PM

Ive built award winning cars. But the oddest thing, never been asked why the wheel was round and why it still had stalks. 

Yesterday 7:38PM

Haven’t accomplished a damn thing in our lives? I once did that thing where you put a pile of coins on your elbow and swing your hand down to catch them, and I’m pretty sure I got, like, 75% of those coins. A lot clattered under the couch, but still. Checkmate. 

Yesterday 6:25PM

I think vaccinated people just have to agree to the activation of their 5G chip and they get the upgrade free. Vaccinated people who don’t agree will still have their chip activated, but they’ll have to pay $69 to upgrade. Unvaccinated people will be hunted down by the vaccinated people once their chips are activated, Read more

Yesterday 6:05PM

With the price of wood now a days, they probably didn’t save much money. 

Yesterday 5:40PM

Hopefully it’s not any of that subscription bullshit like Office.

Yesterday 5:22PM

Nintendo is a toy company at heart and a car company really shouldn’t be doing what they do, Joy-con drift doesn’t kill people.

Yesterday 4:17PM

wow another tesla cult comment. elon musk and his army of nodding idiots don’t approve. shocker. none of these have actually accomplished a damn thing in their lives, but they make time to bemoan honest criticisms of tesla, the single most impactful....wait, what?  Read more

Yesterday 3:53PM

And yet Elon will never notice you.

Yesterday 3:52PM

As a tesla owner and seeing this play out in the various tesla owners groups, you’re 100% right. There are people defending it adamantly like its some huge improvement, comparing it to F1 steering wheels. Cultists, everyone single one of them. But there are plenty of people who see the emperor’s new clothes dont Read more

Yesterday 3:37PM

Be grateful you don’t steer with the touch screen. That wan’t a request. Be grateful.

Yesterday 3:36PM

Around a decade ago, Elon Musk and Tesla had a great idea. They developed an electric car that was the opposite of what we had come to expect from one. People thought electric cars were slow so they made it fast. We thought they took forever to charge so they developed a way to charge them quickly and built the Read more

Yesterday 3:26PM

Tesla will sell you the other half of the steering wheel via a $3,000 package they have named “Manual Automated Driving”.  Drivers can start ordering MAD soon. 

Yesterday 3:20PM

It’s a litmus test if you’re a Musk cult member: if you think this is a good idea, you are one.

And if you’re going to be ridiculous, go with a center control stick like a WW2 fighter, not something that could have come off a fucking Cessna.