Friday 9:32AM

no self-respecting russian will ever use TEC-9s, MAC-10s.
so he definitely meant ukranians.

Thursday 11:49AM

try therapy. it works most of the time.

Thursday 10:10AM

I think the whole idea of Dyson sphere is idiotic.
If you have ability to make something like that - you don’t need to actually do it anymore. You already have all the energy you ever need.

And if you can manipulate matter and energy at that level -there is no need to go to other stars.

this is why we do not see those Read more

Wednesday 10:50AM

sure, we can build a ship that will eventually reach nearby star.
except by that time it will be dead meteorite .... like that oyaumama thingy

Wednesday 10:44AM

what is the reason now ?
asking for a friend

Wednesday 10:36AM

what in current or future tech makes you believe materials and machines that can last and function for 100k + years are possible ?

Wednesday 10:34AM

if we have technology to build machines or even just simple materials that can last 100k+ years and still function -- we won’t need to go anywhere. We can build anything we need right here.

Wednesday 10:29AM

not to mention no “galactic empire “ can exist without relatively fast communication. so unless “warp and other cheats” exist - no coherent civilizations. Just isolated settled worlds with no real/practical knowledge of what’s happening to neighbors, ancestors.

Wednesday 10:26AM

the only known technological civilization has been around for hardly 2000 years.
and is already shows signs of decline and possible death.

Wednesday 8:10AM

you know nothin’ john snow” is the only thing I can say to you.

Tuesday 11:08AM

how does  Musk ass taste, asking for a friend 

Tuesday 9:58AM

get off your “white guilt mix with white savior” issues.
white dude’s do not need help freaking locals. Locals need to do their own thing. part of the problems local’s have in those areas because of the “oh we need to help them, cause they can’t help themselves” mentality some people have.

Monday 10:48AM

why is it a vanity project ??
why can’t a driving adventure be just that ?
is it because one travels thru un-developed areas or something ?
why not ?

6/11/21 3:27PM

I find Athens and UGA streets too small for pickups of that magnitude

6/11/21 3:00PM

why do you want to slow down easy process and make it untraceable ?

6/11/21 12:08PM

wtf dies it even means : “construct a richer and more inclusive picture of Antarctica’s relationship with humanity,” ???

6/10/21 10:36AM

why does it have to be faster ?
the things that do require fast transactions appear to be fairly stable (historically).
If people have slight delay receiving amazing journalism from internet - why is it bad ?
If “netflix” owns their own servers and maintains workforce that can support them — that’s only beneficial to the Read more

6/10/21 9:16AM

why is their clothing so clean and pristine ??
isn’t this post-apoc and they live in the “wild” ???
did people who did this ever been in forest for more than one day ??