IMS is a non issue on this motor. They don’t fail and also cannot be replaced without tearing down the whole motor, unlike earlier M96 engines. Read more

Made it through 3 episodes this time, down from 5 last year. Read more

How it started: a small drop of unknown fluid found after parking from a track session Read more

Stef Schrader looked at that and shuddered. Read more

I should really do that foam fix. It’s next in line after pulling engine to figure out why coolant is pouring out of the SAI exhaust port in bank 2...  Read more

Sniff... just traded my FoRS yesterday :(
It really does look great. Read more

Given the mark-ups on the Mk8 models, and lack of availability, don’t be that upset! Mk 7/7.5 are still great cars! Read more

E36 BMW non-M3 - cheap, simple strong motor, plentiful. There’s a reason they run them in many enduros. Reasonable power Read more

We’re all very proud of you for having $175 of room on the credit card that you qualified for. Read more

When he got it it had Hankooks (mismatched) on it. They aren’t bad tires, the V12s in particular. Read more

BaT is a pain in the ass. You might make more, but it’s full of idiots chipping at nits with no intention of ever bidding, you spend half your week dealing with shit. Read more

The collectible and top of the market is in an insane state of inflation as well. I paid 23k for a modded 996 last year, it would likely go for 30k+ now. Read more

It’s hilarious how many 996s have Sumomito HTR ZIII tires on BaT. Mine came with a set, fronts date coded 2015. Read more

Sorry, it’s approved now :)  Read more

Fair point. It probably sucks for Twitter users. Which is not equal to the group reading this article.  Read more

Seriously. Jalopnik user != Twitter user. I can follow tech news sites for updates about good/bad things happening to Twitter. Just because I may not have a favourable opinion of Musk doesn’t mean I want to hear about things he does unrelated to cars on an automotive site. I fail to see how this has ANY bearing on Read more

I trust them to have me arrested for stealing their car when they misplace paperwork... Read more

Canada’s new policy is “As long as you’re vaccinated, you’re welcome to visit any time!” C’mon “up”! Read more

Elizabeth, this may have started with Bernie, but IMO the changes since Liberty acquired the sport’s commercial rights are their own story. Read more