I guess Kavanaugh's Federalist Society paymasters must have figured out that the school-to-prison pipeline could be made much more profitable by eliminating the school part.
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this sc decision is literally horrific. i literally just read an article about people who had previously been sentenced to life without parole as juveniles. of course, most of those people were black men because our justice system is deeply racist. i am honestly really appalled and concerned. this kind of decision Read more

Fuck that guy, and his ugly face, and his rancid opinions.  And Squi and PJ and Tobin, while we’re at it. Read more

NOPE. That is more disturbing to me than the time I saw a homeless guy shit himself. At least that was an accident. Milk guy planned that. Wtf.  Read more

I love this. I want to feed Henry!  Read more

Does a sensation count?  I’ll never forget the time I sat on a warm, wet spot on a crowded bus. It was a very long ride, and a cold day.  I figured damage was done, kept the spot, slid a newspaper under me and miserably rode home. Took an endless shower and cried later.   Read more

It ALWAYS is with a certain type of person. “I have unquestionably wronged and harmed you. Naturally, the burden is on you, the person I have wronged with my thoughtlessness and outright malice, to come up with the grace and compassion to help me move past the guilt I am performing (which I pinky swear is real and not Read more

Anyone know who this Reddit blind item spotted by writer Alexis Wilson might be about? Read more

Delivering an 8-lb baby boy after 14 hours of labor. That was something. Read more

You are a very good mom! Also, kind of sneaky considering the wage stagnation.  Read more

Ten year HS reunion with my best pals. As I arrive at my friend’s house, the first “casual” get together night, I notice her mom’s neighbor has a racist lawn jockey in their front yard. I am incensed. We proceed to the bar and get all kinds of messed up, having a great time, but still stewing. At about midnight, I Read more

I resisted TikTok for a while but man, there is some seriously funny shit on there. And that algorithm they came up with? Nailed it. I should be terrified, but they have me right where they want me. Read more

That looks awful, for one. The pasta is a tangled clump of God knows what, and as far as the pork, has she heard of “plating” as a thing that makes your sad food a little less sad-seeming. Also, Edible Arrangements are fine gifts for your child’s elementary school teacher, or a work Secret Santa situation I have Read more

Edible Arrangements are the Walmart of romantic gestures in the way that the Trumps are the Walmart of rich people. Read more

This isn’t a huge thing as far as changing my life, but anyway, here goes. Read more

I was traveling through Europe at the end of the study abroad, so I was lugging a huge suitcase from France, to Belgium, to Italy, to Greece, to England. Upon my arrival in Brussels, a man approached me and offered to carry my suitcase up the stairs. I declined, having learned in my time in Europe that men who offered Read more