Jan 15

I cannot believe mine didn’t make it to this list. It was, literally, “We fucked everywhere in that office.”

Dec 27

This isn’t even close to as bad as that dumbass letting unemployment assistance expire but this also means the Senate has to go back in session. So the people who work with those Senators just had to cut their own time with their families short. One of my family members has been in quarantine with her husband and two Read more

Dec 18

I worked at the corporate office of a fairly large company at the time. For our holiday party, which included our partners, we chose names in order to participate in the “White Elephant” gift exchange. I happened to choose someone I thought was pretty fun and funny. For her gift, I gave her a beautifully wrapped, Read more

Dec 17

She “said” something like, “Ow, help, ear” and I’m completely blown away. But who knows if it’s even true?

Dec 15

I love Scooby! When he first ventured into the house-my heart! Okay, but what do you think about Bunny and her buttons?!

Dec 2

Katie Porter is a former law professor, dumbass. Gawd, I hate Mnuchin. His smugness!

Jul 24

Ten year HS reunion with my best pals. As I arrive at my friend’s house, the first “casual” get together night, I notice her mom’s neighbor has a racist lawn jockey in their front yard. I am incensed. We proceed to the bar and get all kinds of messed up, having a great time, but still stewing. At about midnight, I Read more

Jul 23

But the idea was planted in my head from an early age that sometimes my emotions lie to me.” This is very much what I felt like when I came through active addiction. I had a realization that my brain lied to me; told me I could use “just once”. It was devastating knowing I couldn’t trust the voice in my head. Read more

Jun 21

Which means they are essentially banning ALL abortions as it’s dangerous to perform abortions before six weeks. You cannot perform abortions too early as it’s difficult to ensure you have removed all the contents.

Dec 24 2019

Bitch, you need to fuck all the way off. My dad has more integrity than you will ever know. You are a sad, little man.

Dec 22 2019

I’m so sorry those things happened to you. My dad is a first generation Mexican-American and I worry something like this could happen to him. People are garbage.

Dec 10 2019

I find myself referring to Black Twitter fairly regularly. Seriously, some of the sharpest, funniest, most decisive comments ever. And insights that so many people need to hear, just to provide an alternative to their own view.

Oct 18 2019

I agreed to do a “working” interview, the second candidate that week . The first thing my boo ever said to me was, “Oh! You must be the employee du jour!” and I laughed and laughed. A few months later, we were having sex all over that office. Oh, and got married. Nineteen years ago.

Oct 5 2019

I understand Pissing Contests; I don’t understand cruelty for cruelty’s sake. It also strikes me as misogynist-did she do the same things to her boyfriend? Why did the friend get the brunt of her cruelty? Why is the woman somehow more to blame?

Sep 27 2019

It doesn’t matter she “didn’t mean it that way”! It’s racist. It is literally part of her job to think about “intent vs. impact”. Fuck this, fire her.