Junkrat aka Rick Sanchez: Fury Road Edition
Sep 16

I saw video of my property from today. Both houses made it, but my shop and barn were both leveled. Looks like I

Jun 5
Yacht Rock!

It’s kind of like Drunk History, minus the facts. I have watch the entire series about 20 times. Sad I didn’t find

Jun 1

Well I went to go start my 81 Volvo today and the oil pressure light would not go out. I checked the oil and it’s

Mar 10
I Did a Thing

81 Canadian 240 GLT manual. Only found two spots of rust so far, door and a small piece on the windscreen. Got it

Jun 10 2019
Anybody Got a Clue?

I went to look at a new house and this was in the garage. Does anyone know what it is? This is the only picture I

Feb 24 2019

Should I go look at this? I don’t know too much about the turbo variants.