Tom Hanks' Character From The 'Burbs
Feb 24 2017

Trump is trying to create a situation in which Americans getting murdered has political benefits for him. Policies that he makes are provoking terrorism and he’ll use it as justification for the policies. It’s beyond me that for a lot of Americans, like this Purinton douche, this will work. Read more

Feb 23 2017

haha, I almost mentioned that, but then I could have sworn that I already mentioned it last time it was on netflix, which seems like was not that long ago... but who knows i might be making that up. anyway blazing saddles is great

Feb 23 2017

what if i just didn’t like better call saul and didn’t list it because i thought it was a bad show about bad people with bad writing Read more

Feb 23 2017

with the exception of better call saul, all of those have been on and off netflix for the last couple years so i didn’t bother mentioning them but also i like to create controversy in the comments section on this stupid post

Feb 23 2017

You can stand under a steamy shower for days, however, and never run out of hot water, which makes it the best place in the world in my opinion. Additionally, while they believe in hill trolls they don’t actually elect them to the highest offices in the land.

Feb 23 2017

i invited you. you had your chance. and now you’re sitting there writing passive aggressive blogs. we had a great time eating sheep dick and ram eyes on the rim of a frozen volcano that smelled like hellpoop! i’ve never seen so many “j’s” and “k’s” in my life! there was a man playing an instrument with strings that Read more

Feb 21 2017

You don’t need to drive into standing water to cause BMW electrical issues. The E60 had an issue where the TPMS would fail, because the control unit was under the floor of the trunk, which for some reason wasn’t properly sealed. So, water would enter, find its way to the bottom, destroy the control module, and BMW had Read more

Feb 19 2017

Not genetic diversity of HUMANS, genetic diversity of all life on the planet. We’ve already got most of OUR code documented, even if we don’t understand it all.

Feb 19 2017

The genetic diversity hit’s a pretty big deal though, that’s literally the code that all life uses to do things, and it’s the biological equivalent of deleting a random subset of libraries on github all the way down to the root level.

The fact that this is happening just as we’re about to start to be able to use and Read more

Feb 19 2017

There is no law against being that ignorant, but you really shouldn’t rush out and put it on display. Not one person is arguing that manmade climate change will destroy the planet. Not one. Life will continue, humanity may not. And if not, the blame can be placed squarely at the feet of the gleefully ignorant.