Tom Hanks' Character From The 'Burbs

That was actually in the works from some of the last Devs surrounding the game, but the plans eventually fell fallow and Warner Bros didn’t cooperate with anyone willing to do the work. Read more

Look, I hate to rag on anyone’s appearance whatsoever, but I can’t look at Kellyanne and not see:

Ah, cool, thanks for making me look it up. Read more

They did mention in the movie that their standard pulse rifles were equipped with caseless ammunition. When you don’t have to accommodate for shell casings, you can cram a ton more ammo in a container than one would think. Read more

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Read more

I’m not convinced that you do. Read more

Those table legs are just begging for a grubby pair of cargo shorts to get caught on the dragon moulding and rip it right off. Read more

This is a beautiful comment. Thank you. Read more

SWTOR is a really neat game with interesting lore, planets, and characters. Too bad the actual combat is complete dogshit. Read more

Only one candidate wants to reliably talk the issues. Don’t blame this on “people”, like they’re the real, monolithic problem here. Read more

Love, love, love Stranger Things. Loved Barb’s character. But the widespread and foregone conclusion that she was simply written out -though apparent in the show - seems pretty flimsy to me. Authorities found her car - and not where Nancy last saw it; it was parked at a bus depot, as though the Forces That Be knew Read more

Cokiest death there is, really. Read more

She is a very talented instrumentalist who makes really dogshit songs. Read more