Nov 4 2014

Contigo Autoseal, hands down.

Lots of people at the office I used to work (engineering/construction firm) at had these. A coworker got me one for Christmas and I officially became a member of the cult for these things.

They're indestructible, mine has survived lots of drops and knocks from roof of a car onto gravel.

Contigo Autoseal, hands down.

Lots of people at the office I used to work (engineering/construction firm) at had

Aug 26 2014

Except for that whole we don't have any of our own water thing. That sir, is a problem.

Jan 21 2014

Must be all the extra water god sucked out of the earth when he finished the flood. Am sure earth couldnt have held all that extra water which god used to kill everybody other than Noah's family. Bring it on Russel Crowe

Jan 20 2014

Suicide bombers! Vague terror threats from Caucasus! Jailtime if you talk gay to the kiddies! The real competition is whether Sochi can be a bigger clusterfuck catastrophe than the Rio World Cup.

Jan 7 2014

While I'm admittedly not going to go diving into their kickstarter to see what they claim, this is sort of like blaming the company that makes oil paints for you not being a good artist. Just like its POSSIBLE to convincingly photoshop myself into *insert background of your choosing*, but unless I know how to use Read more

Dec 27 2013

The 4-Series is the 2 door version of the 3-series, but the 4 door version of the 4-series is still the 4-series... Read more

Dec 19 2013

I wish that someone other than Bernstein had written this column. Bernstein has a well-deserved reputation as a troll and a dickhead, but I don't think he is wrong here. He's not blaming Derrick for getting hurt at all, his main point was that Derrick has surrounded himself with the wrong kind of people at this stage Read more

Dec 19 2013

I thought this was one of Bernstein's best columns. He is right on about the situation. Unfortunate, but true.

Dec 18 2013

Except this isn't going to make things more green, right? Creating more fossil fuels and burning them isn't a "win" for us except when it comes to price and abundance (most likely). Would this discovery somehow create carbon-neutral crude oil? I feel like I'm missing something.

Dec 17 2013

I tell you, they might never let Sammy into the Hall of Fame, but he's getting closer and closer to being allowed into a country club.

Dec 11 2013

what about those that pay already? I better be able to pay less for this shit if everyone can get it theres not much benefit to paying the full price.

Nov 26 2013

It's certainly some propaganda, but there's plenty of truth behind it. Deer have only a few natural predators. Wolves and cougars are pretty much it in the northern states. When was the last time you saw a wolf? Or a cougar? We've chased them all away or killed them. They are what kept deer populations in check by Read more