Raw Deal Monty
8/09/15 3:13PM

Or is this just viral (zing!) marketing for Fear The Walking Dead...?

5/30/15 2:12PM

Only this one time. I mean it’s not like she’s a waitress or anything.

5/30/15 12:51PM

Is there some sort of Carnegie-style course that teaches people how to do this style of submissive-defeat face on cue?

5/29/15 1:58PM

Yeah, someone at Madame Tussaud’s HATES J Lo.

4/21/15 7:24PM

The thing about Kim is that I was always under the impression that beneath the substances there was a genuinely sweet, but woefully fragile person. Over the course of this season I’ve observed her show that she is awful to the bone, both drunk and sober. Her behavior was so inexcusable, her tactics so dirty, her Read more

4/08/15 7:04AM

That is a lot of words just to say that the first two letters were already taken which was my understanding initially. Nice bit of history though, thanks.

11/03/14 6:13PM

It's as if they are trying to see how much of a joke can be made of their entire blogging platform with all this Taylor Swift crap. Read more

11/03/14 4:21PM

How much is Gawker getting paid by the Tyler Swift PR campaign for all this coverage? Read more