Sep 18

I cut cross-country on that road (US24?) direct from Limon to Colorado Springs recently.  Ugh.  I was in my Silverado and it beat the crap out of me.  Colorado is quickly joining my “avoid at all costs” list... you’d think some of that Pot Tax money would go to roads, no?

Aug 28

When Jalop royalty walks into your dealership, you chat with him, snap a selfie and post it as a completely unrelated comment on the first Jalop piece you see.... Doug Demuro folks!

Aug 25

The Telluride is not my cup of tea but read literally any other automotive publication and they’re giving similar praise. This is a weird, bad take.

Aug 20

Oddly, it doesn’t bother me in the Frontier, but does bother me in the Tundra. I think its due to price. If you’re going to be basic and durable, you should also be affordable. The Tundra, using 10+ year old tech, still costs an arm and a leg. 

Jul 30

I think it helps that FCA’s products are well styled. Everything I can think of off the top of my head is handsome and clean, without relying on flavor of the week gimmicks, fake vents, floating roofs, weird C pillars, running lights that zig zag up to the A pillar, etc.

Nov 27

This is JC. He plays this character for comedy and to elicit exactly the type of reaction here in your article. These types of reactions are the real comedy.

Oct 8 2019

I think Bosa’s attitude had less to do with old college grudges than with the well known fact he just hates the browns. 

Sep 25 2019

Also there doesn’t need to be any quid pro quo for him to be impeached for asking a foreign leader to dig up dirt on his political opponent. 

Sep 8 2019

Yep, talking shit on the internet is SO MUCH WORSE than beating children! You sure have your priorities in order, dumbass!

Aug 31 2019

Pete Carroll and John Schneider concluded their successful heist by hopping in their getaway car, jumping over a river, and running for the county line.