10/16/19 12:11PM

There are plenty of written records that predate this era, but as you mentioned not in central and northern Europe. Whether or not these societies kept records is something we don’t know, again for the reasons you brought up. Read more

10/16/19 11:58AM

Yup.  No fossils there.  Someone doesn’t understand what the term “fossil” means.

10/16/19 8:10AM

Or, could have been a warrior’s squire, holding all the gear so the warrior didn’t have to worry about encumbrance :P

10/16/19 8:01AM

George, among other things, learn the meaning of conflagration”, okay?

10/15/19 9:43PM

Given the fact that they didn’t find a sword or mace or something similar, I would guess that this wasn’t a warrior at all or even a cleric but rather a magic-user. The arrowheads were likely used as the material component for a Flame Arrow spell or something similar. Read more

10/15/19 5:50PM

I was going to joke about the contents of the bag, but then you had to go and call bronze aged things “fossils.” I don’t think there’s a single thing in there that’s a fossil. 

10/15/19 4:39PM

Seriously, everyone who says renewable isn’t cost competitive without subsidies are either lying or misinformed. Between 2015 and 2016, oil/gas companies received $10.7B in subsidies.

Read more

10/15/19 4:07PM

entirely legitimate to invest in oil and gas because the world demands it” and that “we have no choice” -> the guy is telling us what to do next: Read more

10/15/19 4:02PM

You got the proposed Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline. Then you got the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline. Of course there’s the proposed EastMed pipeline from the eastern Mediterranean fields of Israel and Cyprus that seems to bypass Syria and Turkey by running along the bottom of the sea towards Italy. Of course Ukraine sits in between Read more

10/15/19 3:46PM

The only regret I have is the amount of power I wasted reading your stupid post.

10/15/19 3:36PM

One of the reasons his corporation is making billions is because they don’t pay for their environmental impact. It’s time to cut all the subsidies and start taxing. 

10/15/19 3:26PM

Turkey, Ukraine, and Syria all just so happen to be outlets for Russia petroleum and Natural gas to reach the rest of the world. Russia naturally wants to stabilize these places with a more permanent presence to ensure their resources get to market while they encourage instability elsewhere, such as fanning the Read more

10/15/19 12:46PM

They don’t have a two-party system. They can have as many parties as they want - the problem is they’ve convinced themselves that any vote outside those two parties is “wasted” or “makes the other side win”. Their media reinforces it as well, by basically shutting out anyone not a Republican or Democrat.

10/15/19 9:26AM

People who voted for that fucker after he did one of many things (mocked a disabled reporter, claimed Latinx immigrants were predisposed to crime, cheated on his wife TWICE *that we know of*, etc. etc.) knew what they were doing. They were/are reactionary assholes who think their white “kingdom” is crumbling (which it Read more