10/15/19 6:49PM

That’s a great photo of all of those penguins checking their Facebook pages.

10/14/19 7:28PM

Guess that the Heaven’s Gate 2nd-String team will be suiting up in the identical black shirts and pants and donning the white Nikes.

10/14/19 7:22PM

Everywhere. And it’s been shown to be toxic in sufficient doses.

10/13/19 8:30PM

Oh yes, Right. I forgot. Tons of faculty jobs.

10/12/19 9:06PM

Not so much a bill that says he owes money to somebody, but a bill that says he’s required to pay it by a certain close date or go to jail.

10/12/19 9:00PM

If you sacrifice a grad student, who will do your marking? And whose salary will you cut by 50% below the line item estimate in your grant application when you are awarded the usual 50% of what you applied for as the absolute minimum that made the research project possible?

10/11/19 4:55PM

If these beliefs support their business model.

10/11/19 4:52PM

Good old China - hacking a path ahead into 21st-century dystopia for the rest of us to follow.

10/11/19 4:48PM

Annalee Newitz had an interesting perspective on how automation is also chopping up a lot of jobs into small joblets that wouldn’t keep a guinea pig fed and housed. Unfortunately it’s in New Scientist and behind a paywall, but here’s the link anyway.

10/11/19 4:31PM

I would prefer the more neutral description as low-status, unrelated individual... Read more

10/11/19 4:20PM

The Muse of Methodology? Now there’s a useful coinage. And what would she be called? Utilitaria? Systematia? Or maybe just Grabbaggia, since that’s where so many of us seem to pull our methods from as we go about our research.
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