Feb 18 2019

I am confused as the to the current status of ACE, is the repeal of CPP still held up in the courts? It seems like ACE dropped off the radar since Oct 2018.  

Jan 25 2019

Photographers who shoot the final 10 winning photos will receive a licensing fee for use of such photos on billboards and other Apple marketing channels. Read more

Nov 19 2018

Ok, so....You said he got 19% of the eligible voters votes. 19% of 250,000,000 eligible votes is 47.5 million votes. Trump’s stanking ass got almost 63 million votes, or around 25.2% of all eligible votes.

Nov 11 2018

Well, given the fact that the early spread of the fire was through Plumas National Forest, which is administered by the federal government, I’d love to see the jackasses who control all three branches (up until January, lol) get thrown out. Of course, we can hardly blame the good people of California for those guys bei Read more

Nov 11 2018

As the global temperature rises areas with low precipitation become dryer. This increases the chance of wildfires and their intensity. I’m not going to debate facts with you. Here is some research on the topic. Educate yourself.  Read more

Nov 10 2018

Cool, so here’s how to express your (wildly incorrect) opinion without sounding like a lunatic asshole: “One wonders, are these fires the consequence of bad policy on forest management?” Because cause-and-effect isn’t a “judgment,” and people’s votes aren’t directly responsible for all of the minutia of day-to-day, Read more

Nov 10 2018

Complete suppression hasnt been the norm for more than 50 years. But even if we wanted to do more preventative management, with what money and with whose manpower? Republicans in Congress and the current administration have made it their mission to slash budgets of agencies like the DoI. Read more

Nov 10 2018

Totally, and all those hurricanes that hit Florida and the Eastern states? Totally because of how fucking dumb that part of the country is. And all those Tornadoes in the mid-west? God hates that area the most considering they get hit with upwards of 1000 tornadoes a year.

Nov 10 2018

Butte County is actually one of the more Republican leaning parts of California, but based on your comment history that’s almost certainly not what you’re implying.

Nov 10 2018

Oh, it’s a judgement alright. The judgement of the planet for humanity not getting its collective shit together to prevent this. We could have started decades ago reducing and phasing out fossil fuels, but avarice was stronger then good sense and, so, here we are.

Sep 28 2018

i dont know.  Communism fell apart in eastern europe with a whimper.  There was violence in Poland, the baltics countries, hell czech and slovak seperated withotu a fight...which is nuts.  People thought Ireland and Northern Ireland would never be resolved....suddenly the Irish economy improved a lot and people just Read more

Sep 28 2018

His tete-a-tete with Klobuchar was the key to not only who he is, but also likely, the telltale sign that he did it. We’ll never know. Some sham 1-week investigation that will have all the urgency of OJ finding the real killer won’t give us answers. There won’t be answers. At this point, answers shouldn’t be needed.

His Read more

Sep 28 2018

If a woman had behaved the way Belligerent Brett behaved yesterday she would be finished. That’s why like Dr. Ford, we’re all trained to be “nice ladies” who have to accommodate, demure and smile through all the horse shit thrown at us. 

Feb 17 2018

Hey good for you, too bad you developed a terminal case of being a piece of shit.

Feb 4 2018

The writing is on the wall. These big banks are getting desparate.

Feb 3 2018

What a stupid thing for Tarantino to argue with his star actress over. He should have flown in a well-qualified vintage VW mechanic and his/her crew to have that car checked over and repaired to Thurman’s satisfaction before asking her to drive it at speed.
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