2:24 PM

How is the NR and comfort on the Anker BT headphones? I got the Sony CH700 for $49 at Amazon, but the NR is meh and the drivers rub my ears a bit, not very comfortable

How is the NR and comfort on the Anker BT headphones? I got the Sony CH700 for $49 at Amazon, but the NR is meh and

1:11 PM

Alex I am confused, you said the RP won’t win awards for color rendition but also said the JPEGs were great. Canons color science comes into play on JPEGs. You later mentioned the brick colors were off on the RP when working with the raw file, but in that case Canons color science is no longer in play, it’s the raw Read more

12:35 AM

I am confused as the to the current status of ACE, is the repeal of CPP still held up in the courts? It seems like ACE dropped off the radar since Oct 2018.  

10:17 AM

May I ask, what are you doing to consume 5TB of data in a week’s time? I live in a home of 3 with fairly heavy video streaming (some at 4k), several security cameras on WiFi, iot devices, etc,  and we hve never went over 500gb in a month.

12:59 AM

Ok, so....You said he got 19% of the eligible voters votes. 19% of 250,000,000 eligible votes is 47.5 million votes. Trump’s stanking ass got almost 63 million votes, or around 25.2% of all eligible votes.

6:59 PM

Notice I said “turnout” of eligible voters, which was around 55% in 2016, not the total amount of eligible voters.

3:14 PM

Hmm where did you see the 19% statistic? He got nearly 63 million votes, Clinton got nearly 66 million. Turnout in 2016 was approximately 55% of all eligible voters, or 138 million.

12:21 PM

Which build of 1809 is impacted? I have installed all of the insider builds as they are available and have not run into this yet. Currently on 1809 - 18252.rs_prerelease. 

11:26 PM

Yea I got one of those emails also.  I work at a telecom company that is quite a bit larger than Frontier. 

3:44 PM

Sure I would like to know how it handles. I have a 2000 Toyota Camry that handles like a boat. I want to know what the road feel is like in the new one.

9:15 PM

I think I’ll take my chances with driverless cars based on all the frigging wack jobs I see behind the wheel everyday looking at their phones and texting.

1:33 PM

She wasnt a trained stunt driver which is why she shouldn’t have been driving for this scene in the first place.

12:58 PM

Exactly there are two huge issues here, 1. how easy it is to elicit a swat response, and 2. how poorly it was handled ending in a an innocent mans death. Besides the fact that the shitbird who caused it should burn.

12:49 AM

Here is what I am wondering. Will Apple simply replace ANY battery for the $29 without any of the battery test checking voodoo that they are known for when replacing a battery under warranty? I dont think I have seen that made clear in any article I have read so far. In the past I have sat at the genius bar while they Read more

10:06 PM

I had just turned 14 when, one morning, my sister asked me to go start up my moms pride and joy in the garage, a VW Beetle. This is Michigan in January where you have to start your car up 20 minutes before you leave to have any hope of any kind of heat and honestly, the Beetle really didn’t have what you would call a Read more

9:52 AM

What you didn’t realize is that this seemingly innocent dance video is actually a cleverly coded message to DPRK sleeper cells in the US to activate their suitcase nuke strike plan.

4:35 PM

We have the same issue here in Sacramento, commuter bus drivers are OUT OF CONTROL downtown. They do whatever the f*** they want whenever the f*** they want to. I got crunched into the curb by one who cut a double left turn lane too sharp (he was in the lane farthest from the curb).