Colton Gaboury
Jan 27 2016

Using the eraser tool you could rub Mario’s face until your heart was content. Nintendo realized they forgot to localize that out.

Sep 23 2015

Single player is more fast paced gameplay imo. Couch co-op requires a lot of coordination. If you didn’t get Marriage DLC of course, it’s like the whole other game, I heard it’s like hardcore rouge-like.

Sep 4 2015

Jimmy Kimmel and every other comedian has made jokes about almost every hobby or job under the sun. Skiing, swimming, model train building, backpacking, rock climbing, fellow comedians...the list is endless.

None of those other people lost their shit on the internet when he made a joke about them. Why is gaming so Read more

Sep 7 2014

You still don't get it as well :P. What was destroyed were two of the most common and cheapest consumer goods available on planet earth, plus mere videogames. Furthermore, the GB Tetris cartridge you saw there is the almost certainly the videogame cartridge with the most copies ever, therefore the least of a loss of Read more

Aug 19 2014

Literally every Metroid game has rewarded speedy players with a more revealing look at Samus in a bikini after the closing credits. Read more

Aug 13 2014

there's a special place in hell for pirates. Would you steal someone's baby? or torrent a Jesus? because it's literally the same thing.

Aug 11 2014

We all know why you read that book in the first place, you wanted that game boy and free trading card.

Jun 27 2014

I only knew what a dybbuk was because of video games: