Apr 18

OH god. I’ve seen guys who look like this working as middle school PE teachers all too often. Once that afterglow of high school wears off.. sheesh.

Nov 4

Missing you, every day. A little bird is telling me that Matis is keeping watch over you, too. Sending love ♡ ♡ to both of you. Of this, there can never be too much. Read more

Oct 9

That they were. What a beneficent surprise it always is to find you here. Even when you vanish and leave but some scintillating bon mots behind: your unique form of fairy dust. Are you still Twittering? Perhaps, I shall follow your sparkles there. Hope all is well with Danny and all you love in these crazy times.....

Oct 5

Transmission is mostly through droplet iirc, and it can depend on the volume and projection of his voice. But it is incredibly short-sighted and does not bode well for someone who might ascend to the highest court in the land. 

Aug 6

Loved it (and I Love Money too), but freaking out at being called “the older generation.” :/

Aug 6

I don’t know.  Bret seemed like a really decent person.  I fucking loved this show.  DON’T THREATEN ME WITH A GOOD TIME!!!!  The best.  He also had a show about renovating RVs I think that aired somewhere and I even watched that.  He has such a calming presence.  I wish he would record some meditations, I’d be all Read more

Mar 27 2020

Lol okay. Lord 50 Stents should be worried about making his concession speech. It’s over. If he could destroy him, he probably should have done that before now.

Mar 27 2020

“And now that he has a studio set up in his home, there’s no excuse for Biden to hide from the American people nor his role as assumed Democratic nominee for president.” Read more

Jan 8 2020

I went with out of town sister and friends about a year ago, and it was the same thing! Also, SUR is dis.gus.ting. and he just sort of greasily fit in with the surroundings.