speaking as a gay man of that generation, with many many straight friends, you’re exactly right. my straight friends would have posters like that Rob Lowe one because they wanted to BE as cool as Rob Lowe was at the time. it’s not a sexual thing at all. Read more

As a kid, this, the movies, and the original TV series were ALL my first exposure to Batman. I love all of them for different reasons, but TAS means the most to me. Read more

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news about Agent May being in Captain Marvel. Read more

well.... he DOES seem to be their prey size.... Read more

They are in the comics.  Rocket hates/fears them.
Read more

thanks, y’all! So I guess from the entry we can assume that looking like a cat is their regular shape :) Read more

I really wish they would have had more time for that relationship given how magnetic it was. But I understand they had a lot of work to do in not only setting up Carol, but also fleshing out the Kree/Skrull conflict in a way that also mattered.  Read more

Thank you. I got that vibe as well in that moment. Read more

I concur with the above, and additionally on the music: I kinda cheered when Celebrity Skin came over the end credits.... Read more

Tell me about it, I grew up hating the Skrulls and the entire time I watched these trailers I kept rooting and hoping for Carol to knock them all the F’ out!
And then the movie switched the formula, and it turns out they’re just fleeing immigrants from wrongful prosecution. Like my real life brethren, and it made me Read more

“Have you ever been to C-53?” Read more

While I did like the shots of boredom while they were waiting for the progress bar (on the black box audio scene), I woulda killed for an all-in-unison “...this planet blooooows...!” Read more

She probably heard that song while on Earth, just like she heard Garbage’s “Only Happy When It Rains.” Or the Supreme Intelligence can listen in on radio frequencies and liked the song. Read more

I wasn’t surprise by the Kree being complete jerks since the MCU have hinted them being jerks but what surprise me is how they humanize the Skrull. I went in sorta indifferent about the Skrull but rooted for them in the end.
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I immediately lost it as well. I didn't even get into the movie before I cried (though I did cry when she met Maria again). Read more

I’m happy that the Kree continue to be the unrepentant militant a-holes that we have come to know and love (to hate) in the MCU. The Kree using the Skrull as boogeymen to justify their agenda and bombing campaign by the Accuser Corps is an inspired twist.   It may also hit a little too close to home for some viewers. Read more

Spoiler for me, personally: When the Marvel logo rolled out completely comprised of Stan cameos, I immediately teared up. Then, when they popped the “Thank you, Stan” card, I spilled over. Read more

So, between Talos having a full family, the timing of CM, Alonso hyping gay heroes, and a YA Disney+series almost certainly in the works, we’re getting Teddy in the MCU soon-ish, yeah? Read more

“Was that so hard to figure out? I mean... you’re my science guy.” Read more