Want to kill 50 minutes listening to some cool music and watching a VERY well-filmed, very thorough and interesting restoration of a classic Soviet/Russian Gaz-24 Volga?

Of course you do! :D

...at least, you really should because it’s really cool! Don’t worry about the fact you don’t speak Russian, there’s no talking, just 50 minutes of cool music and neat video to watch of a quality restoration on an old interesting car few of us know a lot about!

I am really impressed with how…

As the year ends and winter sets in here in North America, enjoy a blast through the autumn colors!

As I sit here watching the snowfall and freezing rain, I got around to editing a short video I’d recorded on my dashcam back at the end of October.

It’s a sort blast in Humdrum along Oakland Road, which is a coast road next to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada (the Bay AND the town, proper). It’s about 10 minutes of…

I stopped in the middle of the road to watch some pretty ladies eat lunch today...

...they all saw me watching though, which was awkward, so I slowly and politely rolled by and continued on my way.

They weren’t very scared of me and actually let me get quite close before backing away, but they only backed up a few meters! After I was past, they just went right back to enjoying their lunch.