Rain Dog Awaits
11:57 AM

I could swear to you that I read something about Derek Zoolander being loooooooosely based on Tom Cruise. The doofusness, the recruitment, etc. I can’t find it and the google is giving me no love (aside from a review that calls it “Ben Stiller’s Tom Cruise impression). But I could swear I read that somewhere. Read more

11:38 AM

I think we watched the same video of “Scenes that were mistakes but stayed in the movie”! I thought that was really funny!

11:36 AM

off topic but i just learned that the scene where ZL asks David Duchovny, “but why male models?” and DD has a long exposition, after which, Ben Stiller forgot his line, so he just said, “but why male models?” again, which is amazing, but DD’s improvised reaction was so deprecating and spot on it made it in the movie.

11:21 AM

Jennifer’s parents are scientologists, but she has managed to walk the line between not being one herself and still getting invited to all of the parties. She must have some next level self-control.

11:08 AM

You know how Mugatu and his shadowy kabal of fashion designers recruit Derek to be their agent of evil in Zoolander because Derek’s natural stupidity and immaturity (which is only made worse by the fact that his chosen industry caters to his ego) renders him the perfect puppet? That’s what I feel Tom Cruise is like Read more

10:52 AM

I like that Jennifer is kind of exactly how I thought/hoped she would be.

10:21 AM

The best part of this is that Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini are still tight so she must have approved her quotes being used in this book—or they’re tight enough that Remini knew it wouldn’t ultimately matter.

12:00 AM

It’s projecting their own strategic utter belief in what they say. Expressing a complete and utter belief in a particular interpreation of the moment, or of a goal, if coupled with decent communicative ability, is contagious; so much of the human experience really just consists of shared interpretations of reality, Read more

10:35 PM

That's just how sociopaths/psychopaths are they can just get people to go along with them. It was bizarre honestly to see it because my fiancé is tough dude and he was ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY and was scared of Tim. it was bizarre he just kind of locked eyes with him and went on and on saying things about their history and Read more

9:19 PM

God, the Tim story was the creepiest and so reminded me of an old college friend who would pull the same shit. He was overly possessive of my boyfriend, whom I introduced him too. He would say and do really fucked up things to me when my boyfriend was out of the room. He would be the classic nice guy to everybody. All Read more

6:35 PM

It's so scary he was so good at it and then you just realized everything was a gigantic lie. I mean I'm glad we caught on because I'm sure if we didn't find out that time we would have either been implicated in a crime or ended up even more fucked over than we did. Which would be close to impossible

6:30 PM

Most sociopaths seem to be good at pretending to be people until they slip up.

2:16 AM

Disagree. And not just because if you’d polled me last week over who is the most hated beauty company on the Internet I would have said Lime Crime. It’s because there is literally no other company like it when it comes to years and years (at least since Lime Crime’s founding in ‘08) of weird drama between a company Read more

3:50 PM

Yeahhhhhhhh... I think I'm still going to avoid purchasing any of their products. I have indie makeup brands that I trust, & this one is just too shady & clusterfuck-y to even try.

4:16 PM

Totally. I remember my mom telling me how proud she was when, in a moment of angsty arguing with my dad over my desire to wear platformed flip flops to a formal party, I yelled out “I am so angry with you right now!” I was always one to keep things fairly bottled up, and she was honestly thrilled that I was able to Read more