Holy fuck I want to kill this guy. Read more

omg, that is horrible!!! Your poor cousin - I hope she is okay now! Read more

I think it's a huge problem to talk about sex in terms of purity, but there is nothing wrong with children knowing what sex is in a general sense. I had a book that gave somewhat a vague but age appropriate explanation of what sex was (it explained puberty and where babies came from). Read more

Do you think you could expand what you mean by "counts as something" with your mom not having intercourse until she was 28? I'm not setting you for a troll; I'm just interested. Read more

My husband did the same thing. My dad did not respond. He later told my husband "she will always do whatever she wants". Read more

Samantha Ronson does not seem to have aged. To me, she looks the same as when she dated Lilo long ago and was in the public eye more. Read more

Maybe if I get my own Wikipedia page I can get some donkeys too. Tight, sexy donkeys. That's what Michael Che was talking about, right? Otherwise he's just being gross. Read more

Yeah, it's like, (and I sincerely hope this doesn't come off all MRA-douchey because it's not intended like that), why DO women get a "pass" on talking about their sons like they are romantic partners and making butt-squeezing comments and shit? It's totally creepy when dads go there (see the purity ball post, gag), Read more

umm, the symbolism here....ah caints handle it :

My Dad would have asked for some goats Read more

Same. Apparently my husband did the 'ol ask for my hand in marriage and my dad's response was, "well you'd better ask her - I don't care." Read more

implying they just had sex, etc Read more

It's great that your child's skin tone and exposure to the outdoors are such that those methods work for him. Not everyone is as lucky, and slanty red streaks on your chin, neck, and hands can contribute to skin cancer the same way an all over burn will. Read more

That's why there should be better training, including training about the issues you mention. Read more

Sun poisoning is not fun at all. I burn so bad it isn't even funny. I can't even imaging spending an extended time outdoors without sunblock. I'd turn into a lobster. Read more

Maybe my sarcasm meter is a bit off, but isn't the solution to that just, um, supervision? Read more

This is why I think schools should also ban Elmer's Glue. And milk. And water. Can you imagine what bullies might do if they had access to water? Make you drink it til you threw up, put it on your clothes to imply you peed your pants, etc.

Someone please think of the children! Read more

You could also do that with glue, a common classroom supply. Given that this is a health and safety necessity for some children, can't we train the teachers to watch for and report bullying (which kids will do regardless of the materials available)? Read more