That's one perspective and clearly not one everybody shares with you. He should feel free to refuse the money, but he should also feel free to accept it. It's a gift. It wouldn't ruin my honeymoon, but that's just me. Read more

The kid who sold pot brownies is facing 5-99 years, but molesting a child gets you 60 days? Read more

I dated a guy for a hot second who was a pretty good guy, but the way he touched his mom was...weird. I'm not saying their relationship was inappropriate by any means, it was just not what I'm used to. He would come up behind her and give her these long, rocking hugs or pull her down on the couch with him and tickle Read more

Admittedly, I wasn't really raised by my dad but yeah this is a huge no for me. We do a side hug lol. Read more

I learned about sex at around 4 after a neighbor girl touched me inappropriately. I told my mom what was going on and she explained to what sex was and what sex wasn't. Some people have told me, "OMG! FOUR IS TOO YOUNG! YOUR MOM IS NUTS!" Well, clearly it wasn't too young. The more knowledge kids have, the better. Read more

I dunno, I think that's kind of a dumb thing to have a child promise. Educate your kids about drugs, but why make a 5 or 6 year old promise you they'll never do something when they don't understand what that something is? Read more


Why is not fucking so impressive to you? The sheer show of willpower? Would it be impressive if I never ate fast food despite how good it smells? Read more

Seems like residual religious crap from her mom. Not trying to be a cunt, just saying. I can't imagine being denied sex until 28. I want to add that I haven't been with many people, but that's just residual crap from my own Catholic mom talking. Read more

I don't think it's sexual, but it's not appropriate to play grab ass with a little girl regardless. She phrased it really weirdly. Read more

It used to really piss me off as when adults or even my own mom thought personal space rules didn't apply because I was a child. I'm talking 3 or 4 years old. Don't squeeze my ass. It's a private area. Read more

I don't get it. I am a woman and it makes me uncomfortable. I don't even like Daddy/Daughter dances. Read more

If my son was getting sexts I would be happy for him. I raised someone who is capable of connecting with other people romantically. Does this woman want her son in a sexless marriage? Read more

I hate the "funny" uber controlling mom list. Gross! I remember watching a video by Chris Crocker where he mentioned a mom of a guy he was dating telling him blood was thicker than water. He responded, "Cum is thicker than blood and I make your son cum every night!" Read more

it's not sexual but I found the comment kinda icky nonetheless Read more

Minaj, Lupita, and Cara have amazing bodies! Read more

It makes me so sad when people get divorced. I love them together! Read more