Nov 16 2018

Literally the only approved threads of comments on this were started by trolls. This, uh, isn’t working out.

Nov 6 2018

They especially never seem to get the separation of church and state protects religion. Because while they are big on God in schools (and everywhere else), there’s no guarantee it’s going to be your God. If we look at the Supreme Court with its five Catholics, one Episcopalian (a former Catholic), and three Jews, you Read more

Nov 6 2018

I find it amusing that the list they are using is precisely an American ideal, as the country is founded as a SECULAR country with a separation of church and state. So these are all good things. If you want religion... fine.. but it should be a personal choice, not a singular one rammed down the throat of others.

Oct 29 2018

Honestly, most in the GOP wear their religion on their sleeve; but it never penetrates their skin.

Oct 25 2018

A tactic explicitly encouraged by Maxine Waters. Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t say it, Maxine Read more

Oct 25 2018

Yeah, and every fucking liberal democrat(and even some who aren’t so liberal) denounced the actions of that shooty idiot immediately, without equivocation. Try harder, dumbfuck.

Oct 24 2018

They don’t have any evidence of who exactly threw the bomb during the haymarket rally. The Haymarket rally was in response to the police shooting a number of people during strikes. After the bombing, the police fired indiscriminately into the crowd. Read more

Oct 1 2018

That S is hard to make with your arms.

Sep 26 2018

I watched about ten minutes of the press conference, which turned out to be the choice bits as it happens, and had to tune out. Read more

Sep 26 2018

But let me tell you, all day yesterday they were falling over themselves to get a picture with him. To talk about how great his speech was. To talk about how strong it was Read more

Sep 25 2018

“I rent space to the Bank of China in Trump Tower and have buildings all across the globe with my name on them. But globalism sucks!

Sep 25 2018

Unlike Trump’s rallies, this was not off the cuff.  This was not word salads.  This was a carefully and deliberately planned oration designed by Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, and the rest of Trump’s pro-Israel white nationalists. As hard as it is to hear the things he said today, it’s very important that we do.  This Read more

Sep 22 2018

It’s incredible that she’s speaking out. My father sexually abused me. I am sorry to say but in my experience, by having a supportive uncle she has more support than most parental sexual abuse survivors have. I really hope he’s there for her and hopefully the publicity will mean she’ll get more support. Read more

Sep 22 2018

Her uncle contacted the local police and county sheriff’s offices, which launched an investigation but closed it after two months” Read more

Sep 21 2018

After Hurricane Katrina, my wife and I volunteered to host a displaced person. I think we registered on some charitable agency website for this. Read more

Sep 19 2018

Doesn’t ‘gallows humor’ only really work if you’re the one in the desperate situation?  Being in a comfortable and secure position while joking about OTHERS who are in desperate situation isn’t gallows humor, it’s just being an asshole.

Sep 19 2018

Hi, North Carolinian here who’s been doing some relief work down East over the last few days. Like all natural disasters, this one has a political character, and will disproportionately affect those less well-off. In Eastern North Carolina, that means Black and Latinx people will bear the brunt of Florence’s impact — Read more

Sep 17 2018

They knew that something like this was out there and that’s why they kept their notes about it in the 40,000 papers released the night before confirmation and assembled the “65 girls who knew Brett in High School and say he was a nice guy” list before the accusation surfaced in the news.