Feb 3

I pay my federal taxes on time and, unlike most conservatives, without complaint. Most of them go towards the blank check that’s the DoD’s annual operating budget. I’m already supporting the military financially whether i will it or not, so they can miss me with all this extra jingoistic bullshit.

Nov 10 2019

Why is the story headlined “Elizabeth Warren Had A Hard Time Naming Prominent Black People” when the body of the text is about Elizabeth Warren naming prominent black people? Are you suggesting Elijah Cummings, Deval Patrick, and Melody Barnes don’t count?

Oct 28 2019

Moxie? The only moxie is the benefit of having a Daddy who works at Goldman Sachs and was friends with the higher-ups at HBO and being a mediocre white guy.

Oct 8 2019

It’s clear America’s racist law enforcement couldn’t care less about the deaths of black females.

Sep 10 2019

With the exception of the creator of “The Chi,” from what I’ve noticed, BET ignores members of the LGBTQ community. I guess they would excuse it as trying not to “ruffle their viewers’ feathers”. Read more

Sep 7 2019

The fact that she thinks it’s just hair, demonstrates that she lacks even a basic understanding of black culture and black lives, but she wants to lift them up? Please. 

Jul 31 2019

I think that you’re being a bit harsh. As you said, Naomi was the only, only early in her career. Let those of us who have not remained silent as the only, only in the room, be the first to cast the first stone. Read more

Jul 24 2019

I mean the right wins because people like you sit on your asses and come up with new reasons to do nothing while white nationalism gets stronger. People have already died protesting this kind of crap, and you’re trotting out the leftists-so-fragile canard. Please just drop the pretense already and go join up with the Read more

Jul 23 2019

One of the many ways I benefited from my mom teaching at an inner-city middle school (when I was also that age) was learning about how differently black girls my age were treated in the same places I (white girl) went. She was an English teacher, so taught essay writing etc. One of the many things she shared Read more

Jul 23 2019

Excuse my lack of tack, but i’m still feeling some kind of way that an AfricanAmerican actress was not given the honor of playing Harriet Tubman. Hope the movie works but from this clip, um..

Jul 12 2019

Funny how cops never feel safe around minorities. That's always the excuse.