7:47 PM

California recently outlawed companies asking for previous salary. Companies must provide a range. Literally within four months of that, my office salary jumped 20% when I changed jobs (I’m a Woman of Color Working in real estate and banking). Because they HAD NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT I WAS PREVIOUSLY PAID and had to give Read more

5:58 PM

You sound very white and very uneducated about the traditions of Homecoming for HBCU. What was shiny and shallow to you had a huge amount of resonance with the Black community and our traditions that most don’t bother to learn about. 

5:57 PM

To the people who “don’t get it” and think the performance “was shallow?” Not trying to be a troll, but you all sound very white. As the whole purpose of Homecoming to was to show the world how HBCUs or Historically Black Colleges and Universities, do their homecoming and Black folk’s traditions of marching bands at Read more

3:18 PM

I own that flashlight and you can get them for pretty cheap on Amazon...though it’s worrisome that I’ve gone through airport security and gotten on a plane with one because TSA doesn’t know that the flashlight is also a taser. 

6:42 PM

Oh, they tried to reboot Miami Vice with that show “Fastlane” over on FOX. It was basically Miami Vice, save it take place in L.A. But it was the exact same concept.

6:39 PM

I remember the actor who played Tommy (RIP) on “Martin” showed on the show as an undercover cop and part of the crew on New York Undercover. It then occurred to me that maybe the reason everyone on Martin assumed Tommy didn’t have a job is because he was constantly away working in NYC as said undercover cop. And so Read more

6:09 PM

This comment section is full of judgmental assholes who need to do some research on sex work. Seriously, fuck all y’all who are shaming sex workers and gleeful for them losing their livlihood. Then again, considering this Jezebel, home of middle class, priviledged White Feminism, I’m thoroughly unsurprised.

3:40 PM

My mother thankfully refused to perm our hair. She’s mixed, Mexican Mestizo, Black and white. Unfortunately, while she’s of a lighter complexion and her hair is straighter, she was never considered “light enough” or her hair “straight enough.” She didn’t want us kids every feeling that way with a complex, so us girls Read more

7:37 PM

I adore how they expanded upon Gabe Jones’ character in the movie. Dude is college educated and knows German and French and no one blinks an eye.  It was glorious. 

6:20 PM

Word, swimming is a life skill. I was lucky to learn when I was a little kid at the community pool and because we could afford swimming lessons. But being able to survive in water is thing that EVERYONE should learn. You never know where you’ll be. 

6:01 PM

My sister did her college semester abroad in London and ended up staying there for the whole summer after. So she was living there for literally 8 months, nonstop. Read more

5:55 PM

ALL OF THIS. I’m latte colored (at least that’s what my makeup says) and I stay the hell out of the sun and wear sunscreen on a the daily because 1.) F**k skin cancer, 2.) The longer I can naturally hold wrinkles at bay, the better, and 3.) Botox is not cheap. And I don’t like the idea of injecting botulism into my Read more

5:22 PM

And they started the war not for noble reasons but TO DEFEND SLAVERY. Assholes all around. Just like the assholes who proudly wave that traitor-ass Confederate flag.

4:08 PM

Hell, the LAPD doesn’t even wear this tactical shit for regular traffic stops. They just wear a regular bullet proof vest UNDERNEATH their uniforms.  Read more

5:48 PM

As someone who works in multifamily real estate, both on the debt and equity side, I agree mostly with you. Except for the money laundering being on the table initially. Read more

1:39 AM

Same! I’m about her color and my leg hair growd in darker blonde as well. So I stopped shaving it years ago. No one has noticed. Or if they do, they know better than to say a damn thing to me, lol. It actually makes legs feel softer, if I’m going to be real about it.

7:36 PM

John Oliver did an excellent segment on this and SPECIFICALLY called out the NYC school system: