Sep 18 2013
Alpha Romeo 4C Test Mule

Was just down in the desert and spotted some slightly disguised 4C test mules. This is one of the 4 in the group.

Aug 15 2013
Antonov AN-124?

Spotted this beast parked at the Ontario, CA airport on Tuesday. It's not the biggest, but it's still pretty

Jun 24 2013

Has officially turned into "a post justifying why my car doesn't mean I'm an asshat" of the day. Entertaining to

May 13 2013

Here's the real question: does it have a horn, and if so, what does it sound like?

Feb 12 2013
2013 USGP

I want to start booking travel to the USGP for this year, but what are the odds Bernie changes the date at the

Jan 28 2013

Pet Peeve: Ending a post with a feigned conversation provoking question (like people wouldn't comment if you hadn't asked). Read more

Jan 21 2013

So, I saw a Lamborghini with this livery rolling down Market Street in San Francisco this weekend. I'm pretty sure it said "Polizei" instead of "Policia", which had me even more confused. Is this a common wrap you can get or did somebody actually go out of their way to do this...seems goofy.