Feb 28

Not everything needs 300hp. My car has less than 300 hp and can more than scoot when I get on it. My wife’s car has ~150hp and rarely do I think it needs any more than that. Read more

Feb 25

So, $9500 for a 63mph, 63 mile range scooter. I recently bought my son an ‘04 SV650 with panniers and a trunk for $1700. As much as I love all things electric, this is just unreasonable.

Feb 24

It’s wholly inaccurate fear mongering like this that makes it hard to take anti nuclear people seriously.

Feb 24

Our only real chance at stopping a catastrophe is starting a nuclear Moon Shot to have Gen IV reactors up and running by 2030. Read more

Feb 24

I don’t even want to know. Sanders is not even my preferred candidate, and I’m currently in the midst of an argument with a friend who is adamantly against him for, of all reasons, his Medicare for All proposal. The weird thing is she doesn’t have health insurance and complains about her medical bills constantly. Read more

Feb 24

If we don’t use every available means to decarbonize this decade, we won’t have future generations. We should happily trade carbon waste in the atmosphere for contained nuclear waste.

Feb 24

This is an emergency and we are seizing the means of production. Just gulag the NIMBYs, send the Cheka after the rest, and you can have operating nuclear plants in a few years.

Feb 24

I’ll pass on calling dibs. Few things are more humiliating than being underwater on a Hyundai.

Feb 24

The Xbox Series X is backwards compatible with the Xbox One, the Xbox 360, and the original Xbox games the Xbox One is backwards compatible with. I’m already confused. Smart Delivery sounds like a godsend. Or just common sense. Read more

Feb 23

This is why Dragon Age, specifically Origins, was always the better series in terms of player decisions. The good/bad scale is much more ambiguous, and sometimes your good intentions end up with undesirable results. Trying to please one character might piss off another, etc.