Aug 25 2016

He was busy protecting his own girlfriend, pictured here:

Aug 9 2016

The XC90 is the only SUV I’ll consider purchasing - they’re just so good in every way. (Also a father of 3)

Aug 5 2016

IF you’re 40, you don't have to take advice from millennial bloggers on the internet

Aug 3 2016

My presence in New York means I already did my part in not supporting Chump. Read more

Feb 23 2016

I take the crappy work you listed, love it, and probably charge twice what you do to do it. Realistically, you cant expect that everyone is going to like to do the same things you do. Honestly, it sounds like your employer is kinda getting shafted with you, since you deem the ad campaigns and production work to be not Read more

Feb 23 2016

I do some freelancing in my spare time while also being a full time employee person. If you have freelance projects being thrown in your face and you can pick and choose what you do, go freelance. If you’re scrounging, get a regular job. Read more

Jan 25 2016

Jesus Christ was not a real person, but rather a mythological hybrid conjured up more than 100 years after his supposed death by individuals who needed a figurehead to promote their new religion. Read more

Jan 15 2016

Smoking weed is bad, if only we could devise a drug that relieves pain without giving people a marijuana high Read more