Oct 4 2017

No love for Ninja Turtle’s pizza? Gotta be the best animated food out there. The silky cheese has my mouth watering. Youtube that and tell me you don’t leave salivating.

Oct 10 2016

If I begged and pleaded (and maybe shed tears) enough and agreed to chronicle a whole year in this car, do you think Volvo would spot me an s90 loaner? I’d love a temporary upgrade from the s40 :)

Feb 23 2016

I’m very interested in this debate. I’m currently an employee looking to make the jump to freelance but really want to hear the trials and tribulations folks have gone through. The steady work of an employee is nice, but I sure would be happy if I was fortunate enough to have the ability to hand-pick what I work on. I Read more

Dec 9 2015

Getting a soda stream might not be a bad idea. Use it to carbonate water that you can put lemons, limes, oranges, cucumber, or said teas in. Carbonated water often sounds like an unneeded “frill”, but most of my enjoyment from soda comes from the refreshment of bubbles. I’ll pay for carbonated water if it means Read more