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Apr 24

he got banned several times on discord for continually pushing people’s buttons and instigating arguments... the latest one was a pretty poorly disguised death threat. so no surprise he’s getting banned on other places online. he’s a lawyer though so he doesn’t care about how vitriolic he is 

Sep 28 2019

Umm. Not blowing my eyeballs out when using my phone at night is by FAR the most valuable reason. And barely even mentioned here. It’s the most practical application by far, and absolutely legit. Must we shit on everything?

Sep 17 2019

Even the gtr and 370z have been basically the same for almost a decade. Its really sad.

Sep 11 2019

BS, Hamilton had only one more DNF than Rosberg.

Sep 11 2019

9. An underrated F1 World Champion that beat L. Hamilton fair and square and M. Schumacher (ok not in his prime but still), 23 victories and 30 poles position (majority against Hamilton) and a GP2 champion. Read more

Aug 21 2019

But what about in the year 2525?

Aug 1 2019

Get Stinged

Jul 22 2019

For everyone commenting about “lack of reliability”, these are the items that most likely go bad: Read more

Jul 22 2019

As a...ahem...Land Rover enthusiast, there is only one appropriate response:

Jul 18 2019

This kind of stuff is why I’m here.

Jul 18 2019

Nothing gets past me. Except weirdly, the spelling of the word “enhancing.

Jul 18 2019

OH oh! Maybe Audi can sue next?

Jul 1 2019

This is getting better and better.
The kid that destroyed country music in 2019 is not only black, but gay ? I love this so much. 

May 29 2019

Oh, but she was Vicious Varicose Vein Vicky when she rolled up and jumped out though! “I’m gon’ get to GET me some n*##$”! Read more

May 29 2019

Yeah but there generally aren’t any consequences for shit like this. That miserable old buzzard just lost her little park job, that’s it. It’s not like she’s gonna face charges for pointing a gun at those people and driving them out of the park. She should. Anyway, as long as there aren’t any real consequences for Read more

May 29 2019

When will racists get it? You’re on camera now sweetie, the world can see your Christian heart for what it really is.

Apr 2 2019

Thanks for the completely unbias journalism Matt. By your logic nobody should invest in things that have crashed. Buy high, sell low should be the motto, right? We need to just do away with the stock and housing market too. They've crashed and there is nothing backing them.

Mar 6 2019

I have a constant problem with strange criminals showing up and doing unwanted yard work on my front lawn.  It’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to hire a full time good guy with a rake to keep them away!