Quiet, You trash!
May 3 2018

I am so excited! We are leaving for our trip to Budapest on the 15th, and I can’t wait! We’re staying in the center

Aug 21 2017

Okay, I am going on vacation at the end of September to D.C., and I’ve been charged with planning one day. What am I

Aug 25 2016

So, when I make a salad I have a go-to. I do greens, topped with grape tomatoes, corn, black olives, scallions, bleu

Aug 6 2016

Is anyone else watching this?? It’s amazing! She totally shut down Carl Paladino (the NY co-chair of the Trump

Jan 30 2016

If you do not know how to use the self-serve register at the grocery store, please use the regular lanes. Don’t try

Jan 4 2016

You guys, I am ready to commit murder. I really am. I got a new computer about a month ago, and the OS is Windows

Apr 29 2015
Lettuce Wraps!

I made something other than tacos!! We really do eat tacos almost every day, but tonight we decided to do something

Apr 27 2015
Home-made Tortillas

I finally did it! I made tortillas from scratch! I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. I eat tacos almost

Apr 21 2015
Fried Tofu Tacos

Fried tofu tacos are our house taco. We have this at least once a week (we’ve been known to have these two days in a

Apr 20 2015

Just saw a clip of Marco Rubio’s speech this weekend in which he “slammed” Hillary by saying “Hillary is set to

Apr 19 2015
"Little Bee"

I’ve just finished Little Bee, and I’m not sure how to feel. So, let’s talk about it. Also: SPOILERS!

Apr 8 2015

I figured my first post after getting privileges should be a personal, kind of humble-brag, post. So here goes. I've