Also, seizures can just happen. I have a family history. They can also be caused by drugs and alcohol though. Read more

Same. I mean she's 50 now and can still rock it. I'd be showing that shit off too!

. . . seizure resulting from what? It’s not like natural causes are causing these dumbass deaths. Plus, a xxxtenacion tribute song titled “Legends” kiiiinda gives me a knee jerk reaction about this headline of “Thaaaaat’s a shame.” Maybe this current group of super young, violent, drugged out, women beating, child Read more

IDK...if I looked as bangin’ in that dress as does, I’d be wearing it to the Target.  

She was nominated for an Oscar?!?

Remember when Justin took the opportunity when his wife was nominated for a fucking oscar to make her red carpet interviews all about him. And he owns a home in a super exclusive private resort in Montana but wrote a whole album about how he’s a mountain man? The dude is lame.

Jessica Biel , anti-vaxxer, she can rot...

I’ve always liked men a little grungier than that, but you aren’t alone in the teenage JT love, I just think he looks like a cabbage patch doll. Read more

She’s an anti-vaxxer asshole, fyi.

Fuck yeah. I let mine stay in there until he was actually able to verbalize his desire for a “big boy bed”. Frankly if you still need to wipe their butt, they qualify for a crib.

I thought he was cute when I was 14 and I knew nothing about him aside from the fact that he had crunchy curly hair and could sing and dance. Read more

I also do not know who she is (but that article was very dramatic), but my daughter slept in hers until she was about 2.5 bc she didn’t want a big bed, and was upset when I mentioned it. Since she slept through the night and called for me when she woke up, I figured what the hell, it’s not hurting anything- I had way Read more

I get that personal tastes may vary, but I do not see the appeal of justin Timberlake at all. Never have, and I suppose I’m in the age group that should be nostalgic about him, but nope. Every time he talks, I hear whining, even though he’s not really. I understood what he and Britney had in common, what with the Read more

This apology was for him and not Wainwright. And I saw the video and what I saw was someone who was so drunk he would have humped a lamppost ifnge could have stood up on his own. (Note:. I don’t forgive the manhandling women.... Either he loves fucking with women or he has already learned how he acts when drunk and Read more

Never got JT...ever ever ever. He has definitely made a few jams BUT he seems completely overated as a singer, dancer, actor and ladies man. Guess he was forever sullied to me when he cried like a lil baby when Ashton Kutcher punked him.

Shut the fuck up, Jason DeRulo. Your thirst seems desperate.