11/14/19 4:30PM

Oh wow, that’s all super interesting, thank you for sharing :) I’m a gentile (obviously, since I knew nothing of this), but I’ve always been fascinated by Judaism and it’s beliefs/customs. I’ve honestly debated converting, but I know it would be very time consuming  

11/12/19 3:30PM

Nobody does, Gaga. And they especially don’t want to remember your creepy-ass duet with R. Kelly.

11/12/19 3:24PM

Question: what are Judaism’s views on abortion? Are they super pro-life like Catholicism? Since you mentioned you’re Jewish, I’m curious

11/11/19 2:49PM

I love everything about your comment but especially the Bridgette Nielsen gif from “Flavor of Love.” 

11/11/19 2:35PM

My exact reaction. That, and “welp, I am now officially drier than the Sahara Desert when I look at Jeff Goldblum”

10/30/19 8:33AM

Not if your mom can pull the strings of nepotism and get you a modeling deal. 

10/24/19 12:26PM

I’ve always hatred Affleck, even before he tried (and failed) to be Batman. The longer he’s in Hollywood, the more I hate him. I hope he gets diarrhea in traffic someday 

10/23/19 7:41AM

She was Eliza Thornberry in “The Wild Thornberries.” :) 

10/22/19 2:15PM

Mmmhm, she had so much potential back then. It makes me scared for the kids in “Stranger Things” or even the “IT” movies because they all have such natural acting abilities. I know that Millie Bobby Brown’s parents are trash, but I hope for the love of god the rest of those kids have better parents.

10/21/19 3:37PM

Sweet cheese, those extensions are horrible. She/her hair dresser didn’t even try to match them to the rest of her hair (or rather, the other extensions she had in). 

10/21/19 1:53AM

Isn’t it? I read it in Moira Rose’s voice. Seems like something she’d say  

10/18/19 1:42PM

When Bianca Del Rio looks more normal than you, it’s time to stop whatever it is you’re doing