Reborn Pyrrhic
Jun 9 2015

So China wouldn't have figured it out without the statement? Hilarious.

Jun 4 2015

It’s a good choice of car though (I mean the Peugeot)

Jun 2 2015

The tank’s crew quickly assisted the stunned driver-in-training out of the smashed Yaris.
The driver-in-training, was stunned, and was helped out of his smashed Yaris.

English is stupid.

Jun 2 2015

The driver is in training. He was helped out of the car. They are in separate clauses of the sentence but a little confusing because of the unfortunate line break.

Jun 1 2015

I’m a Canadian who used to serve in the CF Signals Corps with a Top Secret security clearance. And I have to say that Foxtrot Alpha is one of the best, no THE best site for news and information. I like to think that I have a good nose for bullshit and nothing here stinks of propaganda. What comes out of Russia, Read more

Jun 1 2015

I work full time looking to call BS on the DoD where it actually exists. Neither Russia or the US are completely innocent in this regard, far from it, but the Russian media machine is an entirely different animal. If you think this is bias analysis so be it, but I would read through my work, I think you will find it Read more

Apr 9 2015

My wife has an outback; definitely a much better wagon than the crosstour.

Apr 5 2015

Bigger, faster, more complex, more expensive. Those are the only things DoD is willing to buy anymore. Did we NOT learn anything in Vietnam? That technological superiority doesn't guarantee victory?

Apr 2 2015

Like everyone who visits here I watch a lot of racing. The effort of all involved from engineering to pit crews to the riders or drivers is immense. However, it has to be it's own kind of agony to have things like this happen in endurance racing. Especially after so much track time having already elapsed and in a Read more

Jul 3 2013

Did you eat someone's ass out before you tasted these? This list is an utter travesty.