Reborn Pyrrhic
Jul 7 2015

This should be titled “36 crummy beers ranked”. My recommendation is that the Schlitz guys drop the L, and just name the beer for what it tastes like: Schitz.

Jun 13 2015

Well, VW naming got the best of me. I meant the Touran, VW’s European minivan, about the size of a Mazda 5, and an excellent car I rented in Germany.

Jun 9 2015

Tell those VW idiots they need to bring the Tiguan TDI to the USA, as well as the Routan.

Jun 5 2015

It was either the Pug, a Citroën BX GTI 16v, or a IFA Wartburg 353 in fully restored condition. Yes, I like odd cars.

Jun 4 2015

Yes, I know, both say Peugeot. I just find it funny that it entered the USA with CBP thinking it was a BMW.

Jun 3 2015

My Peugeot 205 GTI was imported by the same company that ships every brand new BMW into the USA. They just rolled my 26 year old French car into the same boat with a bunch of new German cars, and submitted the paperwork to get them into the US, hundreds of Bimmers and one Pug. When the car arrived in the USA I got an

Mar 31 2015

In Germany, no matter how small the accident, how minor the fender bender, people never moved their cars off the road after an accident. One of the many things about Germans that confused me. All they created that way was a huge traffic jam.

Mar 8 2015

Didn't seem like you were agreeing with me, seemed like you were correcting me, you numb skull.

Mar 2 2015

It is amazing that it took this long to sell 450 of these cars while Porsche sold out of 918s (which they made 918 of) in about a year after putting them on sale. Goes to show that the people want high tech rather than a pretty car that costs a gazillion dollars. Read more