6:17 PM

Absolutely, and inverse is naturally true too, right: nice, likeable people can be villainous to others they find expendable. You see that so much with people reconciling their problematic family members who are complicit apologists for so many bad things going on right now. And morally reprehensible people are also Read more

12:33 AM

In the big throwdown at the Ministry of Magic, before the adults show up the kids try to fight the Death Eaters.
At the end everyone is down except Harry & Neville. Hermione, Luna and two Longbottoms were down at this point but by got Neville was still up.
I feel he does not get enough credit for this.

7:32 PM

This, combined with the fact that he was the “other chosen one”. He could have been the one to bring down Voldemort (and sort of helped to do so) based on his birth and heritage, that would have required monumental courage and headstrong loyalty to family, friends and the path of righteousness. Read more

10:16 PM

Yeah, I love the messenger app on android because it can also handle my sms messages and I don’t have to have multiple apps open to communicate with people through messaging. Read more

5:35 PM

Listen, as soon as he shot his “girl,” I was thought,“forget this dude.” He embodies the type of attitude where he uses as much as he can and then discards them, and I can never truly get behind anyone like that.
Read more

10:48 AM

A cheeseburger happy meal with white milk and apple slices is my preferred meal-on-the-go. The cheeseburger is easy to eat one-handed in the car, the little baby-sized french fry is honestly all you need to satisfy that craving, and the milk and apples keep me from feeling like an absolute monster. The total amount of Read more

10:39 AM

I hated those things when I was a kid, but I loved them in my twenties. Now I can’t eat beef (except Taco Bell chalupas, which I maintain simply proves they don’t use beef in those things), but, damn, I get McD’s cheeseburger cravings once in a while. I think I just miss the ‘90s, and these are part of that.

10:37 AM

Mine too! And that description is perfect. Why do I keep “2-cheeseburger meal-ing” myself, why?!

10:26 AM

the 2-cheeseburger meal is my standard order. it’s the perfect amount of fatty deliciousness and soul-crushing regret.

11:28 PM

He has enough star power to and ‘fuck you money’ to be able to say, “pay me, or I’ll walk and go do some other project. Read more

9:13 AM

This is why I rushed my ass to the Dr. when Trumpenfuhrer was sworn in... I KNEW he’d be coming for my birth control. Got myself a mirena and pushed all my lady friends to hurry up and do the same.

4:21 PM

I can think of times in my life when my gut failed to pick up on danger, but I cannot think of any time when it warned me and I was wrong. Read more

3:27 PM

Most of that bunch live in a Christian town (cult) in Indiana. We see them maybe every five years, and the last time was...awkward.

3:04 PM

OK, but in many countries, support for abortion has risen over the past half-century, from both left-wing and right-wing people. I’d bet there’s a strong correlation between that and the decline of religion as a driving force in people’s lives. one thing that can be changed is the influence religious groups are Read more