Nov 6 2018

It could be argued that I protest vote every time I vote in SC. It is a big reminder to Republicans that they aren't actually alone.

Oct 30 2018

My brother’s childhood nickname was Bobo.  He kept it until college and then started using his given name...

Oct 26 2018

My mother was a narcissist. I spend half my time being triggered. And I mean that literally. I am always one presidential comment away from a panic attack. 

Sep 16 2018

The Pixi Rose Balm Extract.  I am in love with it.  My skin looks fabulous with or without makeup.

Jul 16 2018

So it is important to remember that narcissists and other villainous types can be nice, likeable people to people who aren’t their victim. Bad people aren’t villainous caricatures. They are often complex manipulators who isolate and gaslight their victims to keep control over them.  If you aren’t in the relationship, Read more

Jul 5 2018

I’m not black, but I cosign this letter.  Nothing wrong with what Representative Waters said.  She didn’t call for violence. She called for civil disobedience.  Pelosi and Schumer should be ashamed.

Jul 5 2018

I got told the same thing by a white man earlier this week. He is clearly blind as a bat. He’s not an asshole and he absolutely hates Trump.  He also told me “I think you’re exaggerating the evangelical influence on the election.”  Bless his heart. 

Jul 1 2018

Been there. Cut them off at the pass. I live in Columbia and shared his post.  I don’t go to the Public House and won’t go because of this.  If you are racist around me, you will be called out.  Don’t expect rewards for it. It is the right thing to do.  My job as a white person is to educate other white people.  I Read more

Jun 24 2018

You know what she could have done if she really cared about the noise. (As if, she is clearly on a busy street, it has to be noisy all the time) Read more

Jun 20 2018

My vote is Sojourner Truth. She is one of my favorite humans who ever lived.

Jun 18 2018

Thank you so much! I’ve shared with friends and have donated to RAICES.

May 28 2018

Strongly disagree. Neville was where he belonged. He was in every big fight even though he was terrified which is the definition of courage.

Mar 23 2018

These people do have a right to speech. It is just that platforms also have a right to determine what content they want and don’t want to host. YouTube has been messing with some of my favorite creators by demonetizing the videos because of language and content. I don’t like it but it is their right. That is why I Read more

Mar 16 2018

I use facebook messenger all the time. I have a group chat going with people who are all over the country. We love being in contact in ways that we can’t do in person anymore. Basically, facebook allows me to keep in contact with friends all over the country. It has its flaws for sure, but I no longer lose Read more

Mar 11 2018

I stay in hotels for business. I usually just write a thank you and place it on top of the money. That way they know it is for them.

Feb 15 2018

Cheeseburgers are life. My inner child is sad. My outer adult says that it is time to go get a two cheeseburger meal.

Jan 5 2018

I did cold calls. It was awful, but back in 2000, the company I worked for were still using paper. I built a couple of databases to help them out which led me to a job in IT supporting project managers which led me to another job as a Business Analyst. You got to start somewhere. And maybe you just work there and Read more