Franklin Harris
7/16/15 1:28PM

When she did her AMA someone asked Tatiana how she felt constantly being upstaged by Tatiana Maslany.

7/16/15 1:21PM

Sometimes when I really like one of the clones (usually Allison), I then feel guilty for not liking the other clones more because the actresses really are good at what they...WAIT A MINUTE.

7/01/15 9:13AM

I bet Hank Moody and that chick from The Fall are going to kick ass. But it's a weird pairing.

6/12/15 2:08PM

I hope there’s an afterlife and [Lee] and Peter Cushing are sharing a long-overdue sherry Read more

6/01/15 6:06PM

I’d say he stole the show even more after the twist was revealed.

5/12/15 12:33PM

Yes, Jane Foster was indeed part of the Thor mythology from the very beginning - who could forget reading about her in the Poetic and Prose Eddas?

5/05/15 5:59PM

She can’t just be the coolest aunt, or have made the valid choice that, as an assassin and spy, maybe kids are not in the cards for her. Or even the more radical choice that she just doesn’t want them. No, she can’t ever have babies, so her life is ruined. She is an incomplete woman.
Read more

5/03/15 1:56PM

This is one of my favorite things ever. I love that they sold a promise to ship at some point in the future some toys. In the meantime enjoy your card board box.

5/03/15 1:16PM

I opened my Early Bird cardboard envelope on Christmas morn to discover someone forgot to put my mail in certificate inside. No action figures for me. Boo!

5/03/15 11:42AM

I don’t know which movies you are watching but it’s pretty clear that the current MCU movies are what Marvel considers “Girl Superhero movies”. On many occasions (most of them involving Thor) they clearly cater to the “female gaze”. This is backed up by their obove average female audience breakdown of the box office Read more

5/03/15 9:39AM

Man, he’s gonna be pissed when someone reads this article to him.

5/01/15 5:33PM

Have you watched Season 2? Season 1 was virtually all set up. Season 2 has been payoff after payoff.

5/01/15 5:27PM

I’m probably going to be seen as on the wrong ‘side’ here, but I really do have a fundamental issue with the idea of chunks of land being locked up for ancient religious purposes.