Franklin Harris
6/13/15 12:10AM

“When Tony Stark tried to create Ultron in the second Avengers movie, his plan was to create a a series of robots that could police the entire world.”
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5/19/15 1:20PM

Creating a “composite Earth” with an incomprehensible backstory (Hawkman is what? Donna Tory is who?) is sub-optimal compared to, say, using a crossover event to simply shift the action in your core books to a new Earth. Marvel is opting to do the Earth smash. Marvel either changes very little of the current status Read more

5/19/15 12:47PM

And all of those produced the opposite of the intended results. Because comics. Shared universe superhero comics have their own internal logic. That logic asserts itself and things become more convoluted than before the misguided streamlining.

5/03/15 11:50AM

In my day, the toys didn’t come out until months after the movie, and when they did they were IOUs!

4/28/15 7:15PM

Has it really been long enough since DBZ? I mean, has Goku had enough time to power up?

4/26/15 2:03PM

You’ll get to switch your voluntary nationality to a communist state, for however long it lasts.

4/23/15 8:49PM

“Mr. Postman, where is my package? I received delivery confirmation three days ago!”
“Dunno. It’s a mystery.” Read more

4/22/15 8:24PM

I think it’s time we all just came to terms with the fact that Joss Whedon is a moon-faced assassin of joy.

4/21/15 3:40PM

This could be really awkward if older Iceman doesn’t go along with it.