6/17/21 2:27AM

Yeah, I’d say that being a man who wants to have a say about what women can or can’t do with their bodies and the unrecognizable clump of cells inside them is pretty stupid.

6/17/21 2:16AM

As someone else said, people can have their viewpoints. We’re also still allowed to criticize them for it.

6/17/21 2:16AM

Are you saying he was forced to donate to bigots? No, he donated to them because he wanted to. He was lying to our faces with words while his actions told a different story. He got caught. You don't give money to people without a reason. He can't plead ignorance here. 

6/17/21 2:02AM

Uh, donating to any of the politicians he donated to was never “the right choice” no matter what your political views, unless you believe that certain people deserve no civil rights.

6/17/21 1:59AM

Scott, bro, you don’t have to retire. You can just *own* this if you want. Just straight up be like “yes, I love my LGBTQ audience, and I am also sending money directly to politicians who will use said money and their positions of power to reduce this audience to second class citizens in a best case scenario. Read more

6/17/21 1:32AM

“I choose to remove myself from criticism, while still earning money from any new Freddy’s games that come out. Conveniently, since I won’t be the public face anymore, many who might have hesitated to buy them will decide that this makes it fine to again. Even though I’ll still get the money and almost certainly still Read more

6/16/21 1:52PM

Except Starfield is releasing on PC too, a platform where games have to try and cater to many different specifications of hardware, so I don’t really buy Todd’s “ability to focus line”. I don’t have any skin in the game; I mostly play on PC, I just think Todd is generally full of it. Fair play to Pete Hines for not Read more

6/16/21 1:43PM

What? Those games are made by Sony studios. Bethesda was a 3rd party studio making games that were multiplatform for decades. Even if Xbox owns them now they were not XBOX games and those games would have 100% hit Playstation consoles.

It is clear you do not understand the entire point of this article.

6/16/21 1:43PM

I own both consoles, so I’d hardly consider myself a fanboy, but Microsoft’s acquisition took dozens of IPs that have been on Playstation for decades and suddenly said “no more.” Read more

6/15/21 4:20PM

Many people are saying, so we should at least teach the controversy.

6/15/21 12:18PM

i’d rather have a new modern sidescroller than Prime 4... not gonna lie about that.  Fusion was astonishingly bad, but I still carry a torch for an up-to-date 2d metroid that’s treated like a serious series entry.

6/15/21 9:42AM

Does it matter what type of political affiliation Stodden may or may not have? The fact remains that Teigen told a child that they should kill themself and that was in 2011 before the Trump-America hostage crisis had even begun. 

6/14/21 5:04PM

“I’ve never cared about anyone’s race, religion, gender, or orientation,” Cawthon wrote” Read more

6/14/21 4:57PM

You’d think at least one of these assholes would own it. Like, drop the, “I love my LGBTQ fans” bit and be straightforward: you don’t think their civil and human rights are as important as your free market, or your low taxes, or your family values. Their money and praise is just fine, but everything else about them is Read more