10:17 AM

Swap police and education budgets. I’d bet the former is a lot fatter than the latter. Maybe if we had better education we wouldn’t need as many police. 

9:46 AM

Too bad he did not follow his idol, and put a gun to the head and shoot himself.

8:18 AM

I said this for the last 5 days. Riots are about the only thing that is effective. The people are frustrated because there is no peaceful venue to fix our system. Read more

4:48 AM

...sounds like there’s a lot of police departments in this country that need a serious cut in funding. That’s seriously where they need to be hit, make them deal with budget cuts and having to rely more on public fundraisers. Maybe that will take some swing out of those batons.

5:18 PM

The UK at the moment has the highest daily death toll in Europe, if what I’ve read is correct. This is just more craziness from a government who couldn’t find their own arses with a sat nav and a team of Sherpas. They’ve relaxed lockdownin England by giving people an inch and have sat back while they’ve taken several Read more

9:24 AM

It drove me insane how every episode spent 10 minutes recapping the prior episode, another 10 minutes previewing the next episode, with maybe 5 minutes of actual story progress in the middle. 

8:27 AM

Quit it at the second season when they spent what felt like 10 episodes just riding through a fucking forest. Read more

7:03 PM

And aren’t grips,stagehands and rest of the support crew and such all union? Seems weird to me you could fire a dozen union guys with no repercussions at the time.

1:50 PM

JDW is wonderful and may eventually eclipse his father. But its hard to imagine any modern actor with more charisma than Denzel Washington. His screen presence and leading man looks shine even in mediocre movies.

2:51 AM

Chris Hemsworth got hit with this, too. It’s why I will always be grateful to the ‘06 Ghostbusters movie—for all the missteps it had, it allowed him to finally showcase his comedic talent. We may not have gotten Thor: Ragnarok without it.

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7:09 PM

Contrapoint: Reeves was miscast as comics Constantine, but pretty much perfect for the script and character they actually wrote for the film. Matt Ryan will forever be peak comics Constantine.

12:38 AM

I think Cavill shines when he is playing characters that are arrogant, cynical, insolent, dark. I enjoy his Solo, Witcher and M:I villain much more than his Superman. I thought Routh was much more effective in finding emotional complexity, righteous anger, longing and loneliness in someone who is genuinely idealistic, Read more

10:27 PM

Cary Elwes must be a victim of Kate Beckinsale Effect. That dude should have been an A-list leading man, a star.

5:43 PM

This movie is a god***m gift and privilege to watch and just keeps getting better with every viewing. In addition to what’s already been mentioned (boat vs sandwich, etc.)...

4:48 PM

Henry Cavill suffers from a severe case of what I like to call the Kate Beckinsale Effect. It’s what happens when an actor has phenomenal charisma, character acting skill, or (as in Kate Beckinsale’s case) impeccable comedic timing. But casting directors never see that skill, because the person is just so Read more