Same for Chapelle here. For a guy who quit his show because his jokes were entertaining racist instead of shaming them, I don’t understand how he can’t understand how his takes on lgbt culture are the same fucking thing. Read more

You know who else was kind and generous? People living in the antebellum South. They have a whole term for it: Southern Hospitality. Southerners, especially those with large estates, were considered incredibly welcoming and giving to all people*. It’s a perception so ingrained in the culture that it endures to this Read more

I can’t blame them. Google search results have been steadily deteriorating over the last 5 years. Read more

Absolutely. They butchered what could’ve been a fairly straightforward and understandable first season by doing none of the necessary ground work. Read more

Counterpoint: one of the biggest movies of the year is a biopic about a physicist and the morality and politics around his work. Art and profit are not an inverse relationship. Pandering to the lowest common denominator often drives off anyone with an intellect above that of a potato.
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Yes, but also no. When you make something that absolutely hits in a big way with a bunch of people, you dramatically increase sales. Overly complex means that many people will avoid it, and so you want to avoid that, but this is different from dumbing something down. When you dumb things down, it pisses people off, Read more

Assuming everything was translated correctly, the man being quoted isn’t a writer, but a producer who’s trying to defend his decisions on the show. Sure, the writers, by definition, write the script, but they’re usually working within the constraints set by their superiors - the showrunners and producers who decide Read more

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Oh, no, it’s WAY worse than that. Just listen to him:

So once again, blaming your audience rather than blaming what actually is the problem: Poor writing
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a manslaughter charge should be super-easy to prove Read more

It’s hanging out. It’s the TV on in the background, but its centered around one person who you get to know and occasionally directly interact with. A kingdom of minor celebrities doing interesting-enough content but (among the most popular) mostly just being charismatic and enjoyable to hang around with. And each of Read more

It will be understandably difficult for some viewers to watch this film without being reminded of Miller’s alleged misdeeds, and Warners’ handling of them, but for what it’s worth, the film does carry with it a palpable sense of fun that works particularly well when The Two Barrys are doing their Odd Couple schtick.” Read more

Companies have a duty of care to protect their employees and contractors from abuse.

Sometimes a bad adaptation of a bad book cancels things out and you get a good movie :-) Read more

“excruciatingly mid, who I would never let touch me on my drunkest night.” Read more

guess not much has changed in 10 years

He radiates sex pest energy.    Honestly the FaZE clan is full of dudes I wouldn’t recommend leaving your drink unattended around.   Read more

Never been a problem for the GOP Read more

I’ve only been following this story in the most cursory of fashions, but what I find most sad about the whole thing is that Grace left Hollywood because of the online vitriol she faced, and (from what I can vaguely recall, so apologies if it’s off a bit) she said that while she knew that esports weren’t free of Read more

Anyone wanna guess the amount of women he’s stalked/creeped/assaulted? Read more